Where are you?

Including intangibles in organized psychology

The “woo-woo” is too quickly dismissed.

There is science (and proven results) behind alternative methods.

Most scientists and psychologists want to avoid them. But alternatives are great options! Here’s why:
1. Science – especially with recent developments in physics – has begun to realize that energy is perhaps more important to our universe than matter.
But 2. Science recognizes that the most basic level of matter (particles) has a random character. There are unpredictable random variations that can cause unknown outcomes.
Thus, 3. Science understands that since energy can influence the state and behavior of matter, so a field of human study based only on physical science is incomplete.
So, 4. Business, life – it’s mostly about people. Psychology is the study of the state and behavior of people. And people are supremely influenced by energy.
Yet, 5. To include psychology in business coaching is a rarity, even though it’s practical science.
But wait, there’s 6. To go beyond and include energy concepts? The Metaphysical? No, that’s not crazy – it allows me to address more aspects of people being people, not just a few. And when scientifically-tested and proven methods – even metaphysical ones – get results? It would be crazy to ignore them.
I’m a rebel. A heretic. And I now include science-backed metaphysics in my work.

Don’t limit yourself.

Traditional counselors, coaches, psychologists – even organizational consultants – were taught only to believe in half the science. Half the reality.

That means they can only offer you half of what you might need.

Manifest your destiny.