Integrated Coaching

Integrated coaching: where science and spirit intersect.

Science is fine. It’s conventional. It’s the number side of a business – what can most easily be shown on paper.

Spirit is unconventional. It’s the “woo”, the less tangible side, with factors that are rarely quantified and typically ignored by traditional business and personal care.

But now, science is supporting the “woo”.

For example, we know that paying a living wage results in greater employee loyalty. Plants in your personal space lead to less time being sick – from anything. And anything that reduces stress improves work satisfaction as well as physical and mental health.

Reconfiguring your work space doesn’t magically make you more productive, per se… but if the space is more intuitive and organized around work flow, it’s going to improve work flow and efficiency. A single reiki session doesn’t magically “cure” a physical ailment… but it measurably reduces stress, which allows the body to focus more energy on healing.

So whether it’s personal coaching to help you get through a major transition, cope with crisis, or just get closer to an elusive goal, we can create a program (or simple “prescription”) to help – and within a reasonable budget.

Small business owners, I’ve got you. We’ll find the right tool kit to raise your business vibe – and your revenue!

Larger organization? Let’s talk proper consultation so we can evaluate your specific needs and address them – without undoing what’s already working, and without extra fluff.

I’m wrapping up one project right now and another one has begun. Right now, if we haven’t already talked in person, the best way to reach me is to email me at my personal email: Not a conventional, I know. But if you wanted conventional, you probably wouldn’t still be here! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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