It's not witchcraft. Not magic. Just science.

Imagine your stress lifting…

…because, even though it sounded crazy, you started using a new idea in your business. Maybe your mainstream friends laughed. Somebody said it wasn’t scientific and couldn’t possibly help. But…it worked.

Heresy [in science] is thought of as a bad thing, whereas it should be just the opposite.” – Dr. Thomas Gold

Increasingly, small business owners are turning to unique alternative ideas. The “woo”: the metaphysical, the mystical, those “crazy” ideas that sometimes – actually – work!

When the mystical “woo” works. 

I do my research. If the science is there, it’s part of my tool kit! 

Right now, I’m using two non-traditional methods:

  • Psychology – science-backed, of course! But it’s not a common method because it sometimes goes against traditional teachings. (Of course, “traditional” can mean decades-old, not able to scale down, no longer relevant in this century, etc.) But business is slowly catching on. For those business owners who know, working with an organizational psychologist may be just a dream, And yet…it’s my absolute favorite! 
  • Feng Shui – built on logic and common sense, like don’t build your house in a flood zone! Okay, it’s not that simple, but it’s all about maintaining a healthy energy flow and removing blocks. This is like physically de-stressing your environment! And with the personal and business costs of stress…well, why wouldn’t you want to control it – or outright eliminate it?

Check out my style of consulting and coaching.

Manifest a little magic in your life, or your business! 

Standard business consulting? Absolutely. Policy development, management, job descriptions, interview assessments – all in ways that relieve stress and make you and your team happier. Oh, and for micro and small businesses, I offer insanely affordable branding and marketing strategy consulting. 

Using the upgraded “woo”? Are you ready to add a pinch of magic and metaphysical? Babe. Seriously. You’ll be amazed. You’re unstoppable, you just don’t know it yet. 

Manifest your destiny.