Integrated Coaching & Guidance

Rune Readings

Freya’s Aett rune readings are back! These are in-depth 8-rune readings that offer an overview of earthly life represented by the first 8 runes of the Futhark: abundance, health, protection, communication, travel, wisdom, energy exchange, and joy. $45.

Regular readings use 5-7 runes to give you a good look at a particular situation and offer guidance. $30.

Norn readings use just 3 runes to get a concise perspective of a situation (or just the week ahead) and most likely outcome or best guidance. $15.

Rune Coaching

If you’re dealing with an ongoing issue, consider this alternative to traditional life coaching. Think of it as “Viking Therapy” where you can even add more options like Reiki or get crystal, herbal, or aromatherapy “prescriptions” to assist in your care.

We start with an intake session so you can explain what’s going on, what led to it, what you’ve tried already, and so on. Sessions are conducted by email to allow for depth without worrying about time constraints. As with most coaching and therapy, clients can expect “homework” assignments between sessions.

Most clients find that four or five sessions are ideal, although some prefer a more traditional six or eight. Intake and the first regular session (prepaid), $95. Regular sessions, $60.

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