Where are you?

Including intangibles in organized psychology


is the study of human behavior.

Organizational Psychology

applies that knowledge to organized groups or social systems of people.


is a branch of philosophy that deals with our personal understandings of being, identity, purpose, and knowledge.

These areas share a logical overlap.

The overlap is the place where you understand your life as a journey, that you have a purpose, and that your productivity within a system matters!

The problem is, most scientists and psychologists want to avoid that area.

You see, psychology, and especially organizational psychology was founded on empirical physical science standards rather than as a human science. Matter exists, it behaves a certain way in certain conditions, end of science. Energy has no place in the equation.

But it should, and here’s why:

  1. Science – especially with recent developments in physics – has begun to realize that energy is perhaps more important to our universe than matter.
  2. Science also recognizes that the most basic level of matter (particles) has a random character. There are unpredictable random variations that can cause unknown outcomes.
  3. Science also understands that since energy can influence the state and behavior of matter, so a field of human study based on physical science of matter is incomplete.

But I’m a rebel. A heretic. And I fully include metaphysics in my work, because I understand that energy matters! (Okay, so it was a bad joke.)

Don’t limit yourself.

Traditional counselors, coaches, psychologists – even organizational consultants – all follow the physical science model of empirical study. They were taught only to believe in half the reality.

That means they can only offer you half of what you might need.

Manifest your destiny.

Be brave, be open, be willing to try new things, even if they seem a little woo-woo! It’s uncharted territory, so there’s a lot less science and lot more discovery out here. But I’ve been learning my way around this place for years, so I can guide you.

And you can use this intangible area and its energy to make all kinds of things possible.