It’s not exactly magic.

I’m a rebel. A heretic.

Sure, some ideas sound crazy. But when they work…it would be crazy to ignore them.

Heresy [in science] is thought of as a bad thing, whereas it should be just the opposite.” – Dr. Thomas Gold

Here’s why: if so-called “best practices” were really best, everybody would use them and everybody would succeed at the same rate. But that’s not how it works. Every person and every business is unique.

All the more reason to use a unique idea or apply an uncommon concept!

That’s why my secret ingredient is science-backed “woo”.

More and more people are trying – and embracing – the weird and the mystical. The “woo”.

Some ideas work, some don’t. I’m a scientist at heart. So if it works, I want to know how and why. I do my research.

(For example: smudging with certain plants. As it turns out, sage and a few dozen other plants are believed to produce negative ions when burned. Negative ions, when inhaled, have been scientifically shown to improve mood, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress. Negative ions in the air kill bacteria and crap that’s floating around. Win-win.)

If the science is there, the mystical method becomes part of my tool kit. Where a typical by-the-book consultant has one way to solve a problem, I have three: using the old book, applying principles of psychology, or trying an interesting alternative – or a mix of the three! 

Check out my style of consulting and coaching.

Manifest a little magic in your life, or your business! 

Business consulting? Absolutely. Policy development, management, job descriptions, interview assessments – all in ways that relieve stress and make you and your team happier. Oh, and for micro and small businesses, I offer insanely affordable branding and marketing strategy consulting. 

Personal coaching? Honey, you’d be amazed. And with a little mix of magic? You’re unstoppable, you just don’t know it yet. 

Manifest your destiny.