cropped-win_20170223_16_32_55_pro.jpgHi, I’m Adina.

I help owners of home-based, micro, and very small businesses apply science-backed psychological principles to their business strategy, so they can attract more customers, build better relationships, increase revenue, hire better people, develop more effective strategies and policies, and more.

I/O psychology consulting

Most of my work falls into three broad categories:

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Human factors

Industrial/Organizational Psychology is a blend of sciences, including consumer psychology, aspects of neuroscience like learning and motivation, sociology and group behavior, and research and analytics.

Not only does it scale to fit very small businesses (unlike traditional business theory), it focuses on the human factors today’s businesses absolutely must have! 

These human factors are the intangibles that every business needs to survive and thrive. In fact, of businesses that fail, nearly half die due to a lack of understanding of how people think! These days, this aspect of business is just as important as basics like operations and finance.

I/O psychology lets us see into the minds of the people we actually do business with – our customers, our potential market, and our employees.

When we understand how people think, what drives them, and how they make decisions, we can use that knowledge of human factors to bypass a lot of old, outdated “rules” and “best practices”.

I’m here for you.

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What’s most important is that you know I’ll do what I can for you when the time comes, even if that time isn’t now.