About Me

cropped-win_20170223_16_32_55_pro.jpgHi, I’m Adina.

I work with smart, interesting, DIY-type people to turn them into smarter, interesting, more-than-capable business owners.

How? I’m in business psychology. I’ll show you how to apply science-backed principles from neurology and psychology to business strategy. You can attract new customers, increase your revenue, organize your time, and get more done.

This is how it started.

I was always the kid who evaluated, planned, and tested out better ways to organize my stuff, build a Lego house, and do pretty much everything. I was in 5th grade when I discovered strategy games. I was practically born for this field.

I started working when I was 14. And nearly always, my employer was a micro or small business. I’ve run my own micro businesses, too. And now…

I’m a huge fan of small and micro businesses.

You make up 90% of all businesses in the U.S. and nearly as many in other countries. So if you make more profit, hire better employees, attract more customers, get things organized, and run more efficiently, it’s great! Your success literally benefits your entire country.

You might want to know…

I’m fascinated with the human side of business. I’m also a bit of a geek. I enjoy statistics, I’m a fan of  Death Wish Coffee and Marvel Comics, and my favorite MMORPG is Guild Wars 2. Small data is a big thing for me. I also like finding money and making things more efficient. And the fact that I chose to get a PhD in business psychology instead of a traditional MBA should tell you I’m independent and a bit of a non-conformist.

And I believe this: since micro and small businesses outnumber big businesses by 19:1, micro and small businesses deserve far more attention and support!

I’m here for you.

Message me on my Facebook page. I’m also happy to connect with small business owners and entrepreneurs on Twitter or LinkedIn!

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 9pm MST

What’s most important is that you know I’ll do what I can for you when the time comes, even if that time isn’t now.