Work With Me


My signature Business Psychology system for micro and small business was created by updating old, conventional business methods and then adding science-backed psychological hacks to maximize the improvements.

This system can make your marketing more effective by enhancing your brand offline and online, helping you establish a social media schedule, reaching your ideal audience, increasing customers and brand loyalty, and even ramping up revenue.

In other words, you’ll see tangible results.

And the best part is, the signature system can be adapted to fit any budget – you pick the service option that works best for your business!

The Process

What’s it like to work with me? It depends on what you need from me! Most micro and small business owners prefer to learn and do things on their own, so you’ll get a blend of consulting and coaching.

When clients come to me, they know they need help, but not where to start. They’re frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, and sometimes starting to doubt themselves.

I know what all of that is like! If you can relate, please take a deep breath – right now!

Let me assure you, you are fully prepared to get through this process. It might seem crazy and impossible now, but I have a 5-step plan that will make it easier. We just take one step at a time, with as much support as you need.

First, we start with your business plan. This is a critical document that provides a wealth of information about your mission, your process, and your business values. With a complete, coherent plan, we can make sure your business is branded in a way that speaks to your ideal audience. Then, we do a SWOT analysis to assess your business in the current market – this step takes us from behind-the-scenes to real-life marketing, where we plan a strategy to help you launch a successful event or promotion – a strategy you can use over and over!

The Signature Business Psychology Service

An all-inclusive approach lets you capitalize on your business strengths to boost your reputation and credibility, build a solid marketing campaign, improve relationships with customers, increase revenue, and move your business ahead.

Option 1 is designed for DIY-ers who need a little coaching through the process. $249.

  • Session 1 (Analysis) includes a business plan review, branding evaluation, and SWOT analysis.
  • Session 2 (Planning) is devoted to creating a strategy based the data from session 1 about your business and your market.

Option 2 is a balance of coaching and consulting for owners who are ready to learn. $299.

  • Session 1 (Analytics) includes business plan completion, branding basics and establishment, and a SWOT analysis.
  • Session 2 (Planning) includes brand development and application, and creating a cohesive strategy.

Option 3 is for the owner with little previous marketing or strategy experience. $359.

  • Session 1-2 (Analytics) includes business plan completion, branding basics and establishment, buyer persona development, and a SWOT analysis.
  • Session 2-3 (Planning) includes brand development and application, creation of a cohesive strategy and defined marketing campaign, and a 1-month social media starter pack of 16 images (sized and branded for social media) and 4 promotional images and accompanying text.

Hourly Consulting

Standard hourly consulting is also available and I’m happy to construct a package that will fit your needs. For example, I can construct and administer market research or customer surveys, help you outline a promotional planning calendar, coach you as you complete your business plan, help you write a job description/interview/hire the best candidate, or even re-brand your business.

No matter what we work on, you’ll still get an effective blend of common-sense business and cutting-edge psychology!