Rune Readings

Full Moon in Leo (January 28)

The full moon brings a lot of energy and it can amplify the archetype of the sign it's in, so it's a good time to focus on the sign's positive aspects. For Leo, this includes characteristics like motivation and inspiration, self confidence and courage, strength, and credit where it's due. Let's look at the spread.... Continue Reading →

Birthrune Algiz (January 28 – February 12)

If you were born between January 28 and February 13, happy birthday! Your birthrune is Algiz. It's a gift from the Norn to help you achieve your destiny. Algiz means elk or moose. This is a protective rune that can indicate a connection with higher realms. It's also closely connected to the Valkyrie and they... Continue Reading →

Not THOSE Runes

A moment, if you don't mind. We are at the beginning of a new era. The balance has shifted and we've entered an age of positive change and growth. And yet it has not escaped my attention that there are those who still believe it's acceptable for them to misuse and pervert the old Norse... Continue Reading →

New Moon in Capricorn (January 12)

It's our first new moon of the new year! BE WARNED, this one could bring a LOT of tension because of other astronomical events (blame Mars and Saturn). Do your best to balance idealism with reality and hang in there because things will get better. New moons tend to bring out the positive aspects of... Continue Reading →

Birthrune Pertho (January 13-27)

Hi! If you were born between January 13 and 28, happy birthday! Your birthrune is Pertho and it's a gift from the norn to help you reach your destiny. The meaning of this rune is unknown. In fact, many rune readers hate it because it has no clear translation! Before you start wondering how an... Continue Reading →

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