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By request! The new guide, How to Find (And Keep) New Customers (2018), took extensive research but it condenses hundreds of articles, research reports, and expert interviews and advice into one simple guide! And it’s yours – free! Just click the title to access it.


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My e-book, More Than A Month Of Stress Relief contains 54 fast and easy and mostly-free ways to eliminate or at least reduce stress, all backed by science. I know you’ll find at least a few you’ll love! Just click the title to access your free book, no strings attached!


Thanks for downloading!

Since I don’t require your email or even your name, it means I don’t have a way to follow up. So if you like what you find (and I know you will), post something about it on Facebook (it will open in a new window).

And, once you’re seeing positive results, it would mean a lot if you left a review, either on Facebook or on LinkedIn. It doesn’t have to be long – just let me know you followed my stress recommendations and how well they’re working. Thanks again!



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