About Me

Adina Wollam, Business Psychology

Hi, I’m Adina!

I’ll be wrapping up my dissertation this year and graduating with a Ph.D. in psychology. I’ve learned to be a scientist…and to keep an open mind.

I come from Celtic and Germanic tribal (Viking-ish) ancestors. I’m not one of the Viking völur, spinning or weaving spiritual threads to help people fix their lives, although my great-grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 12. My introduction to the runes came the next year. I spent the next 20 years learning about the runes, my ancestry, religion and spirituality and the difference between them. 

And then I went back to school as a grad student and learned psychology and counseling, working part-time as a coach and consultant. I started to share what I’d learned from school and from clients.

This allowed me to meet and communicate with people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I earned a small but diverse and interesting following on Twitter, where I started. Gonna name drop; my intention is not to brag but to show you the variety of people who chose to take a chance on me.Twitter followers

All my research pointed one way:

Stress makes any kind of healing or progress incredibly difficult, if not impossible. But if you get stress out of the way, you create space for healing and for progress, whether it’s in therapy, or within a business, or just in life. And this is precisely why I’ve embraced the “fortune-telling” and “pseudo-science” of reiki and rune-reading.

The ancient Vikings that used the runes understood that process of guidance, a safe space, and healing in a way that rivals today’s cognitive behavioral psychology.

That’s why I want to share the runes with all of you. I know they can guide you to a safe space where you can heal or renew yourself and continue on your life path to reach your destiny.