Full Moon in Leo (January 28)

Full Moon in Leo 2021The full moon brings a lot of energy and it can amplify the archetype of the sign it’s in, so it’s a good time to focus on the sign’s positive aspects. For Leo, this includes characteristics like motivation and inspiration, self confidence and courage, strength, and credit where it’s due.

Let’s look at the spread.

How can we best motivate ourselves?

Dagaz is the new day, full of promise and potential. It’s about bold change and illumination, and it can bring a kind of mystical inspiration that’s said to be a gift from Odin himself. We are at the very beginning of a new era: within a 7-week timeframe, there’s the winter solstice and Great Conjunction, a new calendar year, a presidential inauguration, and the new lunar year. A fresh start is always a little inspiring. More than that, the clean slate in front of us is a reminder that our future is what we make it. This isn’t the warning of last fall at all! This time, it’s gentle and positive encouragement to try new things.

How we keep our ego in check?

Algiz, the elk, is sort of a symbol of conditional protection from the Valkyrie. We just need to remember it’s only given when our actions are aligned with the divine. If we’re feeling threatened (by other people, by politics, by the state of the world, whatever), it’s okay: fear is a natural response that keeps us from being over-confident. Staying humble is what can keep our motives and actions in alignment.

Where is our greatest strength right now?

Wunjo is the rune for joy, fellowship, and the right kind of wishful thinking. It’s the greater-good focus within a community that aligns individual will with the will of the community and the divine. There are plenty of people who rejected it in months past, but the majority of the world took this kind of behavior to heart in last year. It’s an asset that strengthens us now.

What deserves time in spotlight?

Ehwaz, the horse, is a symbol for trust and cooperation. A symbiotic relationship that naturally leads to greater progress for both parties involved. But Ehwaz isn’t calling for compromise. Cooperation only happens where there’s trust. In this context, we need to focus some attention on authenticity and personal accountability, and being the best version of ourselves because that’s how other people trust us (and how they can earn our trust), and that’s how we make progress.

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See you next time!

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