Birthrune Algiz (January 28 – February 12)

If you were born between January 28 and February 13, happy birthday! Your birthrune is Algiz. It’s a gift from the Norn to help you achieve your destiny.

Birth rune 1 28 to 2 13 AlgizAlgiz means elk or moose. This is a protective rune that can indicate a connection with higher realms. It’s also closely connected to the Valkyrie and they may provide the protection it stands for.

This rune is one of several that was adopted in World War 2 and continues to be abused by volkish nationalists…but it’s got an impressive legend attached to it, so we can’t blame the bad guys too much for wanting to appropriate it! Ready? The legend says that the energy of Algiz is so strong that it can completely sanctify the user…if their actions are aligned with the gods.

Aquarius, like everyone, you’re here to learn to create and unite others for justice. As a fixed sign this is a little out of your comfort zone because you’d rather pick up the ball and run than create your own gameplan, but you can do this – you’re a bit of a natural cheerleader and motivator anyway. Algiz will help.

Fear is a natural response to a threat but Algiz isn’t about being fearless, it’s about knowing whether you need protection and defense. Algiz will give the you the insight to make that judgment and take action in true service to Asgard – and part of that is creating unity for justice. And when you do, the Valkyrie are standing by just in case.

Does that work for you? Let me know!

See you next time!

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