New Moon in Capricorn (January 12)

New Moon in CapricornIt’s our first new moon of the new year! BE WARNED, this one could bring a LOT of tension because of other astronomical events (blame Mars and Saturn). Do your best to balance idealism with reality and hang in there because things will get better.

New moons tend to bring out the positive aspects of a sign. For Capricorn, it’s determination and the ability to commit to goals & planning. Lining up with the first month of a new year like this makes it a great time to set goals, especially those related to your productivity or finances. There will be more motivation than normal for the next couple weeks – may as well take advantage of it!

Here are the questions and answers for this reading:

Where am I too stubborn?

Sowilo (“the sun”) is a rune of energy and action. These are good things but this is where you’re being too stubborn right now. You can’t force energy to flow, especially if you’re trying to do something that’s not right for you. Take note, Sowilo is as much about nobility as it is about victory. Check that your plans aren’t going to hurt anything or anyone else before you fully commit.

What’s the real reward for my effort?

Gebo is a gift, or more accurately, reciprocity. This repeats the idea of noble action from Sowilo (above), and repetition of a theme with the runes is a very clear sign to pay attention! The short-term reward is likely to be an even exchange but that’s fair enough so don’t let it discourage you!

How can I find balance?

Tiwaz suggests a short-term or personal sacrifice for a greater gain. Here again, we see a repeat of cost for gain from Gebo (above). This rune is about justice so your expense or sacrifice will be fair. Stay calm. Order will bring balance to the lingering chaos you may have been experiencing.


Repeating themes, as I said, signify important messages. Here we have two within just three runes! So your TL;DR is to make sure your motive is noble and aligned; this way you know your investment will bring a fair reward. Otherwise, it looks as if less-than-noble actions may end up costing you, and maybe sooner than you think. There are no short-cuts to success, in other words. Earth signs may sometimes make slow progress but they are sure-footed and steady. This is not the time to rush.

Please let me know if this clicks and I’ll see you next time!

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