Birthrune Pertho (January 13-27)

Hi! If you were born between January 13 and 28, happy birthday!

Birth rune 1 13 to 1 28 PerthoYour birthrune is Pertho and it’s a gift from the norn to help you reach your destiny.

The meaning of this rune is unknown. In fact, many rune readers hate it because it has no clear translation! Before you start wondering how an unpopular rune could be a gift, remember that runes are nearly always read in context. And in context, Pertho usually refers to luck or chance, cause-and-effect, or fate.

It’s about taking responsibility for your actions, behaviors, and choices, understanding that those things can impact not only your life, but the lives of others as well. This rune underscores the entire psychological standpoint of the ancient Norse: your life is what you make it.

Late Capricorn,

you’re on this journey to learn to stop trying to control things, and the power of goals. Pertho is your reminder that sometimes things happen that you can’t control. Plan for those events and relax a little, you’ll reach your goal and enjoy it more.

Early Aquarius,

you’re here to learn to innovate and unite others for justice. Take a close look at HOW influence works. Call it an educated guess but use your intuition. Pertho gives you the best chance of recognizing patterns and connecting dots…and people.

If this is your birthrune, the Norn have woven your fate, measured it and cut it to allow you to reach your destiny, and they have given you this rune to remind you that today’s actions affect future outcomes. The goal is always the greatest good. When your journey is aligned with that target, the Aesir will smile upon you.

Make sense? Let me know with a like or a comment, and as always,

See you next time!

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