Full Moon in Cancer 12/29/20

Full Moon in CancerIt’s the last full moon of the year and it’s a beautiful thing.

This full moon in Cancer reading repeats the concept of positive change that we saw in the winter solstice reading. Full moon energy is a nice ending and a very welcome beginning, too.

As always, full moons emphasize the characteristics of the signs they occur in. Cancer is a water sign, ruled by the moon. Of the water signs, it’s not surprising that Cancer is the most drawn to the moon and finds grounding and security in the rhythm of the tides.

What is being illuminated?

Uruz, the wild aurochs, is here to highlight our personal strength, independence, and freedom. This isn’t a call to go crazy and stampede like a lunatic, but to acknowledge and credit this aspect of our selves.

How does the change of tide affect us?

Nauthiz means necessity or desperation, but in a position of change it suggests something different. Nauthiz requires clarity and courage, but that’s what it takes to get us what we need. This full moon sees us at the midpoint between sacrifice and payoff.

What needs to be nurtured?

Laguz means lake or water. As we welcome a new year, it’s time to dive into the darker water for a little shadow cleanse to restore our fluidity and resilience. And on a purely physical level, this may be a sign for some of you to recommit yourselves to making sure you’re hydrated!


Unity and community were big themes through most of 2020. Now it’s time to acknowledge our individual abilities and start the year with self care (like a little pressure washing to clear out some personal crap).

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See you soon!

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