Birth Rune Eihwaz

Welcome back, readers!

If you were born between December 28 and January 13, happy birthday! 

Birth rune 12 28 to 1 13 IhwazYour birth rune is Eihwaz. Our birth runes are gifts from the Norn to help us achieve our destiny. 

Eihwaz means “yew.” In ancient times, yew trees were planted as hedges around graveyards to mark off sacred space, and because they are toxic, they repelled pests. Only slightly more recently, yew was used to make longbows. They were strong, long-lasting, and flexible compared to other wood. And they had a reputation for protective and practical magic.

Core Capricorns,

like everyone, you’re here to learn something. Your lesson is to relax with the control thing (too much of that is toxic!) and understand that being flexible and taking smaller actions also help you achieve your goal. You’re a natural planner but let’s be real – the plan will never be perfect enough. Just start with the parts that work and you’re well on your way.

Eihwaz also represents the world tree Yggdrasil and the flow of energy between realms or levels of  awareness. Mind and spirit need as much of your energy as your physical efforts. This means that there may not be physical signs of progress, but we simply can’t see all the energy and action at work. When your goals are aligned with right action, Eihwaz will add strength and protection to your efforts.

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