Birth Rune Jera (December 13 – 28)

If you were born between December 13 and 28, happy birthday! Your birth rune is Jera. It’s your gift from the Norn to help you achieve your destiny.

Birth Rune 12 13 to 12 28 JeraJera means “year”, harvest, or a reaping of what’s been sown. So how can this rune be a gift?

Because it’s validation. It’s your reminder that your positive actions will have positive consequences. Jera is about right actions at the right times, patience while nature takes its course. and a time to rest and plan for the next cycle of work. You’ve been sowing seeds and it’s time to harvest.

In addition, Jera brings a sense of completion – and as psychology has shown, achieving even a small goal gives us a boost of dopamine. The ancient Norse probably didn’t know that, but Jera is still associated with peace on the land and in the heart.

If you’re a late Sagittarius…

… your tendency is to edit and polish, but your lesson in life is to dream bigger, and then take a chance and put it into action. There’s an Irish proverb that says you can’t plow a field by turning it over in your mind. Once you’ve sown the seeds, Jera reminds you that your work will pay off.

If you’re an early Capricorn…

… your lesson is understanding the power of goals and surrendering control. With this rune, you can relax and trust that your consistent positive actions will bring all things in their time, kind of a cumulative reward.

Does this make sense for you? Please let me know how it fits with a like or a comment.

See you next time!

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