Birth Rune Isa (November 28 – December 12)

If you were born between November 28 and December 12, happy birthday! Your birth rune is Isa. It’s a gift from the Norn to help you fulfill your purpose and reach your destiny.

Birth Rune 11 28 to 12 12 IsaIsa literally translates to “ice” and it signifies a freezing, a pause, or a time of inaction.

Everyone is here to learn something and if you’re a core Sagittarius, you’re no exception. Your lesson is to learn to dream big – bigger, take a chance! – and also be honest with yourself about your plans. Isa is a call to slow down, take a beat, cool your emotions and clear your head. You’re not a huge risk-taker but you can get caught up in  if you’re moving too fast with clouded thinking, you’re headed for bad decisions. Patience is key.

Ice can be treacherous and it might suggest slow going. On the other hand, when ice is clear you can see where the cracks are; when it’s solid, it can even be a bridge. Just proceed with attention…and INtention.

The power of Isa is like a glacier: it might be slow, but it’s unstoppable. Just like you when you start putting your dream into action!

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See you next time!

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