2019 Winter Solstice Reading

Note: this reading was only posted on Facebook last year, but it’s being posted here so you can compare the reading to what the last winter solstice brought us and the journey since then. 

TL;DR: IF you get your head together, give your thought processes a vibe check, AND take time to use new wisdom and insight so you can be objective instead of reactionary, THEN you’ll be better prepared and protected and not swept up in the destruction/drama that’s coming.

This reading reflects key concepts of the solstice. It’s designed like a snowflake but following along may be confusing: it’s left/right from the bottom up, ending with the center. 

runes winter solstice 2019The Old: (Algiz reversed, bottom left) Let go of what’s slowing your growth. This may have been stubbornness or short-sightedness but either way, you’ve effectively limited your accomplishments.

The New: (Berkana, bottom right) This rune is about renewal, healing, and new beginnings. Put the past in its place, be willing to accept new ideas – they will make sense in time.

The Gift: (Ansuz, middle left) Odin, knowledge, wisdom, and clear communication. These will strengthen you through the darkest days of winter and help you find the answers you seek.

The Wonder: (Isa, middle right) Ice creates a delay that will be helpful to you. It takes the heat out of confrontations and allows cool heads to prevail. Things may seem frozen but this is a good time for contemplation.

The Light: (Kaunaz, top left) This rune literally represents warmth, a torch, or illumination. Your past has blessed you with understanding or discernment; use this blessing to gain and share new positive insights.

The Storm: (Laguz reversed, top right) The challenge ahead involves minor destruction or damage from water. Might be literal water, could be stagnation, could be waves of drama. Don’t drown in it.

The Promise: (Eihwaz, center) This is the rune of foresight and endurance. Strength, flexibility, and protection will be yours.

Friends and family, it looks like there’s something unpleasant ahead. Nothing here suggests major danger if you heed the warnings – but there are lots of warnings and that’s unsettling. Out of 7 runes, 3 contain references to change and 5 relate to wisdom. This tells me that big personal change will be necessary to avoid the worst of the whatever is ahead. Be blessed!

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