Birth Rune Hagalaz (October 28-November 12)

If you were born between October 28 and November 12, happy birthday!

Your birth rune is Hagalaz. This is a gift from the Norn to help you achieve your destiny and fulfill your purpose.

Hagalaz translates to “hail” and it can represent a destructive storm or any damaging natural force, interference, chaos, or interruption. This might make Hagalaz seem like a very negative thing, and you may be wondering how this kind of rune could ever be considered a gift.

While hail can be destructive to crops and sometimes windshields, think about this: you can pick up a hailstone and watch it melt into harmless water. Yes, any disruption can be chaos but you don’t need to be afraid of Hagalaz. This is not just a storm! It signifies purging and cleansing, change, and transformation; think of it as a controlled burn that protects a forest from wildfire.

Birth rune 10 28 to 11 12 HagalazEveryone has lessons to learn. Scorpio, you’re here to learn to dive deep. You’re infamous for drama, but not many people know the secrets you keep – maybe even from yourself. But doing a little shadow work doesn’t require a storm of emotion. For you, it’s more likely to be cleansing – no surprise for a water sign! Remember your planet is Pluto, which is all about transformation.

Hagalaz can help you uncover factors from the past, way down in the dark. Like a field pelted with hail, it may clear overgrowth that hides more important things. Then as the hail melts, it can help you clear whatever needs to be washed away, or nurture things that need a little water so they can bloom.

You’re also here to learn to relax a little and pull out all the stops. Scorpios often have trust issues and want to sting first, lest they be stung. But trust is a two-way street. You keep a lot of potential warmth and sparkle secreted away deep down. It’s likely you have a close trusted few and maybe you’re not trusting them enough with those special energies.

While Hagalaz may suggest clashes and confrontations, keep in mind that even the storm of Hagalaz restores balance: the water it can produce nurtures seeds so they are stronger and healthier plants. The same can be true for your relationships. Maybe it’s time to let a few special people see what’s so special about you. Relax, lower your guard a bit, and discover some rewards.

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See you next time – in just a few days for the Halloween full moon reading!

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