New Moon in Libra (October 16)

Every new moon has a tendency to heighten some of the less-positive aspects of a sign, but this is a super new moon, which amplifies that effect! Rather than set ourselves up for negativity, we look for ways to channel new moon energy into the more positive and healthy characteristics of the sign.

In addition, since the next (and last) super new moon of the year is next month, after Halloween – after the gates close – it’s important to focus on what we want more of in our lives before then! (Not to mention, of course, that it’s a reminder that you’ve only got two weeks left for fall cleaning: deciding what should go and what can stay once those gates between realms are closed. Physically, spiritually, psychologically….)

The down side of Libra can include detached self-indulgence, being bossy or controlling, or bouncing between superficial liking, vicious grudges, and self-pity. This reading will focus on improving connections, balancing the scales, and restoring healthy boundaries. Without further ado, here are the questions – and answers – for this reading:

New Moon in Libra1. Which influences are tilting the scales?

Ihwaz means “yew”, a toxic tree that ironically provides protection and deflects attack. Bows made from yew are strong, long-lasting, and flexible. This should be a good rune here, right?

Actually, it suggests that your self-defense is too strong and it’s outweighing other relationships.

Ihwaz governs the initiation into the wisdom of Yggdrasil, movement toward enlightenment, and spiritual energy. These things cannot be accessed in a time of defense, though.

Feeling defensive means you feel you’re at risk of losing something. If at one time you had a positive or neutral feeling but now you feel anxious, angry, or defensive, it may indicate your human connection with that person or concept been damaged and needs restored. If you’re sidestepping and deflecting (or projecting), that’s also worth exploring. What point are you trying to avoid, and why?

Make sure you aren’t confusing a little tough love with a real attack. Sometimes it takes a confrontation with harsh truth to recognize that we’ve gone off the path. It’s time to let go of the perception of “attack” and think about what you’re missing out on. Your fear is inhibiting your development and progress on this journey.

2. Where should I focus my attention?

Mannaz literally means mankind or humanity. In the most spiritual sense, this rune represents the Higher Self or the Divine within each of us. Mannaz represents the understanding that we make our journeys alone but we are always connected to each other.

When we don’t maintain healthy and balanced relationships with others (individually or collectively), those relationships get off balance. And when we don’t maintain a balanced connection to humanity, our perception of it gets off balance. This may be what led to the defensive stance of Ihwaz, above.

Notice your emotional response to social issues, as with Ihwaz. Does your perception of them trigger anger, anxiety, or defensiveness? When unbalanced, Mannaz can lead to self-delusion, bigotry, or elitism; things that run counter to the greater good of humanity.

When fear is removed and balance is restored, focus your attention on humanity and the greater good. Think of how you can contribute to improving your connections. Then think bigger, about how you could help create a better world for all people.

3. What can help me balance myself?

Jera translates to year or harvest and it indicates a slow but predictable cycle of change. It suggests that the present is the best time to plan ahead. It also encourages patience and right timing. By extension, it’s about justice and logical consequences.

We are at the harvest now and winter will be here soon enough. Take stock of what you have gained from the season. Are you wiser? Emotionally stronger? More connected to the divine or humanity? Winter is our next challenge and an abundance of these things will help us through.

Again, the gates close in two weeks. Creating better boundaries will help restore some balance. Consider the energies and ideas that contribute to your sense of lack, or of being attacked (as discussed above). They block you from being your best self. This is a good time to remove them from your life. Doing so helps clear your metaphorical soil for a better crop next season.

And of course, in contrast, welcome in the people, ideas, and energies that typically encourage you to be your best, balanced self, more aligned with concepts like flexibility, enlightenment, and the greater good.

Maximizing Libra energy

Besides this new moon, there are other things going on. For one thing, Mercury changes direction on Election Day in the US. What will this mean? Changed minds and machine glitches, at the very least. It would be wise to take advantage of early voting if that’s still an option for you.

Communication may be strained so expect testing of normal diplomatic ability. But it’s a great time to dump dysfunctional methods of communication and make the most of your intuition. This time period will show people for exactly who they are, if you hadn’t already noticed – the betrayals and the loyalties.

This will help you with the soul-searching this reading requires. You’ll see more clearly who is negatively influencing your thoughts and behaviors, and who only wants the best for you. Take time to reflect well on who and what triggers you and whether your reaction is appropriate.

Shift the focus. You’re almost certainly not the victim. Take your thoughts to a higher level and focus on being a positive influence in the world. Then do a little end-of-season gardening: prune out what isn’t bearing fruit. Nurture those relationships and ideas that will help you sow and reap a better harvest next year.

This reading started off a little heavy but the runes always show us how to change our fates. If something here struck a chord or helped you in any way, please let me know with a like or comment, or by sharing!

See you next time!

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