Birth Rune Wunjo (October 13-27)

If you were born between the 13th and 27th of October, happy birthday! Your birth rune is Wunjo; it is a gift to you from the Norn, woven into your destiny to help you as you journey to fulfill your purpose.

The literal translation of this rune is joy! It’s a very social rune, because joy is not a solitary experience. It signifies happiness, emotional satisfaction, and a shared sense of reward or success (as through teamwork or cooperation).

By extension, it suggests mutual understanding and harmony or friendship. Wunjo governs strong bonds of family and fellowship, and removes alienation and behaviors that disrupt trust, so by implication, it’s a shared feeling. It’s the essence and basis of the Golden Rule. It offers welcome inclusion, healing, warm acceptance, peace, and well-being.

Birth Rune 10 13 to 27 WunjoWhat can Wunjo do for Libra?

Libra, like everyone, you’re here to learn something. Your lesson is to seek harmony (easy for you) and to balance practicality with style. Harmony is your default mode…but Wunjo can help.

Without another person to share joy with, it can sour into toxic positivity or self-righteousness. This rune can help you help others find healthy balance. And it can inspire you to seek it, as well.

In a psychological sense, Wunjo is the need and desire of the inner child. Children do not hate unless taught; they naturally seek joy. This rune gives you a way to heal your inner child (if necessary) as well as balance your outer adult with some sparkle and childish delight.

Being the diplomat of the zodiac is noble, but as a cardinal sign, you’re an idea person with a lot of creativity. And you’re ruled by Venus, so balance your social goals with your appreciation of aesthetics and art! There are plenty of ways to do this, like (safe) museum trips, finding joy in creating, expressing your style through your home décor or fashion sense, or enjoying music or a good book regularly. You could be snobby about your artistic tastes but it’s rare – it goes against your diplomatic nature.

It’s no surprise that so many Libras are facilitators, mentors, and mediators. You’ll be found in many fields where win-win is a desirable outcome – exactly what Wunjo represents. You’re one of the lucky few whose birth rune is so clearly aligned with your primary method of operation!

What can Wunjo do for Scorpio?

Scorpio, you’re here to learn to dive deep with your Self and pull out all the stops! Turn that flair for the dramatic inward, let go of your inhibitions, and get comfortable with your shadow. Being ruled by Pluto, there’s great potential for power, evolution, and transformation.

There is a lot of warmth and goodness you keep locked away. It’s not extravagant, so this is one of those things you’re probably more secretive about. Wunjo reminds you that those good things are better when they’re shared.  As a water sign, you’ve probably got a super-loyal and worthy friend or two. You share an understanding; they certainly accept you as you are, but think about what you could bring out of the shadows that could take your bond to a deeper level.

Scorpios often have trust issues and tends to sting first, lest they be stung. Wunjo enhances trust and restores acceptance, faith, and loyalty. It reminds you that there’s a lot of positive things worth sharing with others. You don’t have to commit to anything long term, nor do you have to be a social butterfly! But don’t hide your sparkle from the world.

This may go against long-ingrained habit. All the more reason to dive deep and make shadow work a more regular part of your life. You’re brave and almost fearlessly curious – consider journaling or meditating, maybe once a week. Think of yourself as an explorer, clearing a path and brushing aside coverings to reveal treasures. 

Align your thoughts and behaviors with your purpose: this is the kind of correct wishing or hoping (or planning!) that this rune is about, and it’s a core aspect of the magic of Northern tradition.

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See you then!

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