Full Moon in Aries (October 1)

The full moon is associated with key aspects of each sign’s archetype. This makes the full moon a good time to channel the sign’s positive energy so it supports us on our journey. And we want as much positive energy as we can get right now! Why, beyond the obvious (*gestures to…everything)?

The Moon…and Mars

Because, like many moons recently, this one is interesting, but not in a good way. First, it’s a harvest moon, which usually happens in September…so it’s late. Second, it’s a micro moon.

What does that mean? A super harvest moon typically would represent abundance with a larger-than-normal harvest. A normal harvest moon would represent a normal harvest. So a micro harvest moon suggests an insufficient harvest, aka food scarcity and insecurity.

Late plantings and climate changes mean harvests all over have occurred later than normal and they’re smaller than normal. On top of pandemic-related shortages, this may lead to first-world food problems. Effects may not be clear until next spring, so this moon is a warning. Remember last spring when it was hard to get normal food? That may have been a preview.

So much gloom and doom, right? Aries is ruled by Mars, which is retrograde and square with Saturn, indicating massive frustration and anger that’s creating an impulsive, rage-y energy. This isn’t new – it’s been a thing for a couple weeks and Mars will stay in retrograde until November. We just need to keep it together over the next couple weeks while this moon’s energy wanes.

You’re probably wondering how we can benefit from this full moon.  Let’s take a look at Aries for a moment. Aries is a cardinal fire sign that rules over our assertion. This is in direct opposition to Libra, the sun sign we’re in, which focuses on peace and partnership, hence the risk of impulsivity and anger.

But Aries isn’t a self-centered ass! The positive side of Aries includes traits like confidence and enthusiasm, optimism, and determination. Aries can be an independent leader with a clear vision. Those are the traits we want to enhance in our lives right now. Let’s see how that will work with our reading questions and answers.

Full Moon in AriesWhere do I need to take a breath?

Hagalaz means hail or storm. In a literal sense, it’s a destructive force of nature, which suggests chaos or disruption. Depending on context, this could be a limitation, a delay, a hardship of some kind, or even a physical illness.

The challenges you might be seeing are things you can overcome, but only if you’re rational. Impulsive behavior right now isn’t going to help. Things might not be going the way you think they should, but this doesn’t mean the universe is conspiring against you. Sometimes a storm clears things away and creates changes for the good.

Take a breath. Consider whether your script was really the best thing in the first place. Hagalaz is the first rune of the second aett, representing powers beyond human abilities. It’s also the ninth rune, and nine signals a perfect pattern. Thus, it may have an energy of cleansing and closure.

Often, Hagalaz is only a reminder that we need to deal with our own inner conflicts and darker, stormier aspects. Maybe the disruption is the universe giving you a chance to gain some perspective. Understand that enthusiasm and impulsivity are both strong energies, but one is positive and the other is not.

What effect does my attitude have?

Laguz translates to water and usually means some sort of cleansing or fluidity. It connects us with our shadow selves “under the surface”. Just as the surface of calm water can be a mirror, Laguz can represent the veil between us and deeper realms. Reversed, like this, it indicates a destructive force of water, like corrosion, drowning, or stagnation. Laguz can be the source of the rain or hail of Hagalaz (above).

Water, even bound in a lake, should have currents of energy. This keeps the entire body of water relatively balanced – the little ebbs and flows keep it from being destructive. It is a living energy and it physically manifests the energies around it, from being whipped into a frenzy to stagnation.

Your own energy or attitude impacts the personal interpretation of Laguz – your unconscious self. It affects you, others near you, and your environment. You know what form of destructive energy Laguz is taking in your life right now (eroding, drowning, or stagnation). It is not the most convenient time to dive deep, but it is necessary to see what’s lingering under the surface and causing this problem. By doing so, you’ll not only refresh your attitude, but you’ll clear away the storm of Hagalaz.

What do I need to focus on now?

Mannaz means “mankind” or our sense of humanity; it can also refer to the well of human knowledge and consciousness. More deeply, as a mirror rune, it can represent the self or inner being in alignment or in cooperation with the human race. And of course, it suggests Odin’s ravens, Huginn and Muninn, representing thought and memory.

Mannaz relates to self-actualization and your highest self, which is where the focus needs to be. Your highest self represents your destiny. The Northern spiritual tradition has been that, since you can choose your behavior and influence your own fate, you can achieve your ultimate destiny. What is your destiny? If you check my Birth Rune readings, you’ll have an idea. But Mannaz is a goal by itself, as well as a means to achievement.

On the heels of Laguz in this reading, this rune suggests a strong focus on personal contemplation would be especially good right now. Ignore what other sources might imply (or state outright) and think for yourself – very objectively and very critically. As for what you should think about…

What will help me?

Sowilo is the sun, in a literal sense, but also light, as in The Light or enlightenment, awareness, wholeness. It symbolizes the power of light over darkness.

Solutions are within your grasp, but first you might need to confront and conquer some of the darker aspects of your nature, as we already saw. Sowilo helps by keeping you focused on your purpose; any harmful influence of others is more easily ignored.

You’ll know what’s harmful and what’s not. Sowilo also contains the ancient code of honor; the guidelines and humanity that allow a society to function and keep individuals accountable to each other. Influences that align with this code are helpful; those that encourage violence, injustice, or imbalance are harmful.

Sowilo can also strengthen your spiritual will and heighten your sense of the highest values. Allow yourself to be lifted by this energy. Clear out some of your darker energy while drawing on the enlightenment of this rune!

To recap…

The moon isn’t signifying anything positive, and Mars isn’t doing us favors either. Tension is high and right now, we can’t let impulsive behavior get the best of us. Taking a moment to breathe and understand that just because a storm rages doesn’t mean we have to. Let it do its thing. In the meantime, we need to take a look at how our attitude is affecting us and life around us – because it very definitely is having a negative impact. It’s a good time to shift our focus toward very independent thought processes and being our best selves. This will be easy if we are aligned with enlightenment and the Divine Light.

The Fall Equinox reading was rough but the next couple weeks are a good time to pause and do a little personal evaluation. It will be to our advantage to start this leg of the journey with some clarity and soul-searching.

I hope this reading gives you hope and inspiration. Please let me know what you think with a like or comment, and of course sharing this post is always appreciated.

See you next time!

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