Birth Rune Gebo (Sept 28 – Oct 12)

If you were born between September 28 and October 12, happy birthday! Your birth rune is Gebo. The Norn gifted you with your birth rune to help you achieve your destiny and fulfill your purpose.

The literal translation of this rune is “gift.” This might be in the context of a beneficial relationship or a useful talent or ability as much as an object.

Birth Rune 9 28 to 10 12 GeboWhen is a gift not a gift?

It’s the seventh rune and the basis of our “lucky number 7” superstitions. It is a gift, but you must choose whether to accept or reject it. If you accept, be prepared to give something in return. In older times, receiving a gift meant you had an obligation to the giver.

The exchange of gifts is a highly meaningful act – it’s a trade of power and energy. Every gift costs something but an ideal sacrifice brings a greater good. This concept has brought us great mythology, where a king might bestow a magical ring or charm upon a trusted follower to share power. This is also where the custom of leaders exchanging gifts upon diplomatic visits comes from; the hope is that a gift removes barriers.

Of course, the X of Gebo is also used as a sign for a kiss – definitely a sign of affection, which is also a kind of gift when it’s given to the right person.

Finally, this is another mirror rune: two arrows pointing at each other. Left and right, representing an exchange between two people. Up and down, representing an exchange between a person and the gods. Ironic, in a way, because Libras can be mirrors themselves!

What does Gebo mean for Libra?

Each of us has a lesson to learn on this journey through life. Let’s see how  your birth rune can work for you.

Libra, you’re here to learn to seek harmony in order to fulfill your destiny. That’s not so hard, and Gebo can help you look beyond to cost to the benefit.

It also reminds you not to waste your energy on unbalanced relationships. There will be those who reject your work, who prefer imbalance. In those cases, the awareness of their underlying motives can be a gift: you can invest more energy in yourself!

You may want to keep everyone happy but you have to decide when to give and who to give to. Gebo encourages a healthy exchange or balance and any exchange of gifts represents an exchange of energy. Not everyone will provide a benefit that matches your investment. Focus on those that will, dear one! The benefit to you is that Gebo is always worth the cost, because with the right people, an exchange strengthens and sanctifies the relationship you have with them.

Of course in the physical world you must also learn to balance substance with style. You are ruled by Venus, so it’s good to accent your life with art and beauty. Gebo suggests things need to provide you with both function and form. Practicality may be important but there’s nothing wrong with a visual aesthetic. And Gebo may help you balance your time so you can indulge in a good book once in a while, or simply remember to stop and smell the roses.

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See you soon!

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