Fall Equinox Rune Reading (September 22)

TL;DR: It’s the endgame. The next 160 years is down to us and our actions in the next 90 days.

Wait, what?!?!

Sorry, was that a little intense? Probably, yes. How about, as a refresher, check out the Spring Equinox reading to see where we started – and note that we failed on all four tasks. Then you’ll probably also want to look at the Summer Solstice reading to see how it turned out and what went wrong. 

It’s worth noting that this equinox coincides with the sun entering Libra. What this means is that Libra characteristics are going to be amped up, especially for the next week or so. Libra, as an air sign, is all about social and communication concepts – it’s very much the “we” sign. It’s a cardinal (beginning) sign, which means it signifies change. And Libra is about balance and justice. So these characteristics have a major influence right now. From the readings I linked to above, we already know we could be on the brink of global change…the next week or two in particular could begin the shift. It’s truly a time to balance the scales.

Now let’s dig into this reading! (From left to right – it’s just easier this way.)

Fall EquinoxHarvest: what are we reaping now?

Perthro is very literally “unknown” and implies a risk or fate. And readers (myself included) have been known to call it the f*ck-all rune because sometimes that’s what it tells us! But with a little context, we can get more from it.

The ancients believed that our fates were not sealed, that our actions had consequences that could, for better or worse, alter our destinies. Thus, “fate” or chance relates to universal laws of cause and effect, at any level. This is the true unknown.

But we live in a multiverse of unknowns. All our science has come from our best guesses, but we never stop guessing, taking chances, and exploring more. And in this instance, Perthro may well represent our lack of knowledge or certainty in the midst of misinformation and chaos.

Thus, what we’re reaping is the regretful awareness that we could have had more certainties, but we threw away the chance. We are reaping ignorance because we failed to take productive actions earlier. (*ouch!)

Release: what should we let go of?

Tiwaz is the rune of the god Tyr, the ultimate warrior for justice. Reversed, it’s the antithesis: cowardice, dishonor, injustice, selfishness, and corrupt leadership.

This seems incredibly obvious; nobody wants these things. How does this rune really contribute to the reading? Well, reversed runes aren’t as common as you’d expect. So there’s a significance here.

Nobody wants these things, but we’ve allowed them just the same. Not only that, we’ve provided fertile ground where these concepts could flourish, from our governments all the way down to our homes and our own hearts.

At the equinox, a time of deep introspection, the time has come to let go of these things, to plow them under in the field and let them die out there, or dig them up by the roots and throw them on the compost heap.

Preserve: what do we need to protect?

Isa translates to ice and it indicates a freezing or stillness. By extension, it indicates a time of focus and self control.

A glacier is slow but incredibly powerful. Above the surface, an iceberg may seem tiny but the hidden bulk can destroy ships. Isa is not inherently dangerous to us, but a reminder that by taking a moment, “cooling” off, and collecting our self-control, we also have greater power than it may appear.

This is what must be protected as we transition into a new season. Many situations are at a tipping point; it is in our best interest to proceed cautiously, with deliberation, and with cool heads rather than emotional reactions.

In Celtic traditions, the gates between realms open on May Day and close on Halloween. The beginning of fall is the time to decide what must go – physically, and definitely spiritually – and what may stay when the gates close. In the auld country, Winter is long and a mistake can be costly if not deadly, so this time of focus is important.

Equilibrium: where do we need more balance?

Eihwaz is the rune for the yew tree, or in a more metaphysical sense, Yggdrasil itself. Eihwaz is also associated with protection, deflection, or defensive power. This rune is also associated with death (because the yew is toxic, after all) and transformation.

This rune begins the second half of the Futhark and represents its vertical axis, like a spine. Maybe it’s only coincidence that the spine (minus the pelvic region) has 24 vertebrae. It suggests a flow of energy toward enlightenment or change.

Big concepts. We need protection, yes, but not at the price of death. We need powerful energy for change, but not a dramatic one. The yew was said to make the best longbow because they were not only strong and held protective magic, but also because it is a flexible wood.

Needs and goals always need to be weighed against practicality. Right now, we may also need a measure of flexibility to be sure we’re safely accomplishing things.

Twilight: as darkness increases, how can we best shine?

Ehwaz is the rune for horse, which could mean the animal itself, but often indicates the partnership, trust, and teamwork between horse and rider.

We’ve seen this rune before in important positions. As usual, it’s suggesting two working together for a common goal.

The Eihwaz concept of flexibility continues with this rune. Sometimes we need to make adjustments to a plan or partnership so we can make progress toward a goal or on our journey. The energy is unifying, so I want to emphasize flexibility, not compromise.

The difference is subtle, but compromise suggests neither party is getting quite what they want. Flexibility implies trusting the other party to do what they need to do to help the team and sometimes adjusting so they can do it. It’s giving the horse some credit for knowing the path rather than holding a tight rein.

This is the kind of partnership we see in healthy relationships of all kinds, and it’s where we can shine our brightest now. We’re probably already doing this with our best relationships, so this will only strengthen them and others as we move closer to winter.

Winter Solstice/Great Conjunction Significance

A reminder that this is an astronomical rarity as well as an astrological one. There is massive potential here so even if you skimmed everything else, pay attention to this part!

The Great Conjunction occurs every 20 years when Jupiter catches and moves past Saturn in their respective orbits. Since 1802, this conjunction has occurred in earth signs. Think of all the ideas that have become institutions since 1802: employment, gender roles, human rights, education, law, politics. Lots of progress, but still, Earth signs aren’t known for radical change.

But this conjunction in 2020 happens during the solstice. The planets will be the closest they’ve been since 1623. Most importantly, the solstice and the conjunction occur in the first degree of Aquarius. It’s an astronomical shift that moves the conjunction out of earth signs – and it will last the next 160 years.

So what? You know that whole “age of Aquarius” thing? It’s a new astrological era. The first degree is like the very first day. Imagine what the fresh air sign of Aquarius could do for our institutions!

This is what could be coming. At least, it’s an ideal. The alternative is 160 years of storms and chaos. But the universe always seeks balance (hello again, Libra) and “balance” in universal terms is still in favor of the positive. It’s down to us and our choices in the next 90 days.

I know so many of you are exhausted. But are you a little excited now? Maybe a little inspired? Excellent! Please like and share this post and leave me a comment if it struck a chord with you.

See you soon!

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