New Moon in Virgo (September 17)

New moons bring some of the, um, less positive traits of a sign to the front. It’s always a time of harsh truth, which makes the new moon a good time for self-mastery.

The negative side of Virgo includes perfectionism, judgment, maybe even martyrdom. So our runes for this reading will help us channel these forms of energy to something positive, like kindness, harmony, and purpose.

The last new moon in Leo had us focused inward on our darker selves, but this new moon is less deep and more practical! And just in time, too: the Virgo new moon is the first of three Super new moons, which take us up to the total solar new moon eclipse in December. I’ve told you about the significance of that date in the Summer Solstice and Eclipse reading – if you missed it or forgot about it, STOP, go read it, and then come back. It’s important!

Back? Okay, let’s look at the questions and answers for this new moon.

New Moon in VirgoWhat does my perfectionism bring?

Inguz: The god Ing united his people and brought peace and harmony. Accordingly, this rune symbolizes unity and agreement, or the certainty of a conclusion. Think of “ing” as what you add to the end of a verb to create a current action, like do-ing or be-ing.

This rune doesn’t seem to be a likely result of perfectionism, though, does it? It may be that, for better or worse, you’re influencing action. This isn’t bad if it’s positive and constructive! But it could also be that your perfectionism is leading other people to act in certain ways…only when they’re around you, to keep the peace.

Exactly how can you know? This new moon aligns in a 90-degree angle and creates a “moon wobble” which can have us second-guessing ourselves. But there’s already been so much instability this year, trust your instincts. Take notice of who is acting and behaving with anxiety or hostility – this is not the vibe our perfectionism has created. We are not responsible for that! Again, our focus has brought some degree of peace and harmony, so keep up the love and light.

Where am I too critical?

Sowilo is the rune for the sun, and metaphorically for clear vision and the victory of light over darkness. It governs the ability to learn and understand (enlightenment) as well as personal will and energy.

Many people have told me that between summer heat and pandemic restrictions, they have much less energy than normal. If this is you, don’t beat yourself up about it! This personal kind of universal energy also provides us with basic guidelines of humanity: the ancient code of honor that keeps us accountable to each other for doing the right thing for the greatest good. Keep your energy focused on this and don’t worry about missing that morning run.

We can always add to anger and chaos with too much criticism and judgment, but there’s never been a better time to reflect you some Light, baby. There’s a reason it’s called the Golden Rule, y’all, and while it’s a matter of philosophical and moral debate, the ethical foundation is important. If you don’t want to hear it about yourself from somebody else, don’t speak it. Not to somebody else, and not to yourself. Hush up and seek what is noble and right, not righteous.

What details should I focus on?

Wunjo is all about joy, which means a reward or satisfaction that can be shared, among kith and kin at the very least, if not an entire community. Some of the key concepts of this rune are about the art of correct wishing and hope, bonding, and cooperative work and rewards.

The characteristics of Wunjo tell us exactly what to focus on for the next several days – thoughts and actions that strengthen inclusion and banish exclusion, increase joys and decrease struggles within our communities. Pay attention to the truly good things that are happening – the examples of selfless love, the unity, the healing and restoration.

Which reminds me: this rune is where we find love overpowering hate and healing hearts and minds. But where there is hate, even a little, there is sometimes some digestive trouble (that brain-gut connection thing). Protect yourself by being good to your tummy – make sure you’re hydrated and eating healthy a little more over the next week or so.

How can I better serve others?

Thurisaz: This is Thor’s rune. It most literally means Thor (the god himself) or giant, but it refers to concepts like outside agents, violence, and protection. It recently appeared in the Summer Solstice and Eclipse reading and just a month ago in the New Moon in Leo reading. If you haven’t read those, I strongly recommend it so this next part will make a little more sense! That part of the Summer Solstice reading is a blueprint for how we can help others.

We need to serve others by protecting them from brute attacks. Your situation will dictate how exactly you put that plan into action, but it’s time for us to be smart and focused on Virgo kindness and harmony – the giants who want to harm us don’t understand empathy, enlightenment, or humanity and these characteristics can be protective buffers.

Don’t let it intimidate you! Virgo is a strong, independent earth sign who has enough inner strength that there’s no need to answer to anyone. And of course, there’s Thurisaz. This rune calls for wisdom in battle. In a time of chaos and confusion, it’s all the more reason to be discerning and make sure you have your facts straight while you craft a plan of love and light.

It seems like a lot to unpack.

But it’s simple. You want more kindness and harmony in your life? Be responsible for putting it out there. Do your best to influence truly positive actions. Be kind, love your neighbor and yourself. Focus some thoughts on truly good and noble and pro-social actions that are going on but getting little attention. And make sure any bully has to get through you before it can negatively influence others. Stay smart, stay objective.

If this reading helps you in any way, or it resonates for you, please let me know! Comment, share, like this post, or subscribe so you don’t miss anything coming up!

See you next time,

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