Birth Rune Kaunaz (September 13-27)

Birth rune 9 13 to 27 KaunazIf your birthday is between September 13 and 27th, happy birthday!

If you’re a late Virgo or early Libra, your birth rune is Kaunaz (sometimes seen as Kenaz). This rune was woven into your destiny by the Norn and it will help you with your deepest and most divine purpose in life.

Kaunaz means torch, heat, or light. It represents physical warmth and light as well as heart-felt warmth and spiritual enlightenment. In a general sense, Kaunaz lights the way in darkness, removes shadows and blind spots, replaces ignorance with enlightenment, and helps us go from understanding to action.

Virgo and Kaunaz

A lot of you Virgos have the ability to brighten up someone’s day without doing anything special! But to fulfill your destiny, you must learn to serve well and with pride. You’re all about details and input, but your desire for perfection can overpower your good heart. Let Kaunaz help remove those blind spots so your warmth isn’t hindered.

While you often have a natural calm and healing vibe, you also need to learn to apply that toward your own well-being. (When you take care of yourself, you can take care of others, right?) Kaunaz is similar to your healing, restorative light so shine it wherever you can and be proud.

Kaunaz is about application, don’t hesitate to use what you’ve learned from your own journey and from history! There’s a lot of information from the past that people would prefer to keep hidden. Sometimes it needs to be (gently) brought to light so healing and harmony are possible. This applies to those you help as much as to yourself. Be proactive, but kind.

Libra and Kaunaz

Libras, you’re here to learn to seek harmony. You’re a diplomat and you don’t like violence or injustice – harmony is when you take respectful action toward a positive goal – it’s okay to ruffle a few feathers if it’s for a greater good. Enlightening others (respectfully) isn’t the worst thing you could do.

You must also learn to balance practicality with style. This represents Libra weaknesses, like avoiding confrontation and carrying a grudge – there’s no style in that kind of day-to-day life. Kaunaz helps you take your thinking to a higher level where you can trust your own intuition and aesthetic.

The enlightenment of Kaunaz is renewable – the more you use, the more you find. But it’s not the end goal – it’s just a starting point. Continue to apply insight, love, and Light, and your journey will become a great adventure filled with wisdom and understanding.


The warning of this rune is to not get arrogant, thinking you already know what you need to know. This can lead to preventable accidents or illnesses. A fool will always get burned by a torch. In this figurative context, it’s a reminder to be humble and open to new information, and to use it with positive intent. And of course, take care of minor issues quickly before they can dim your spark!

So, Virgo and Libra, does this rune resonate with you? Let me know! Comment, like, or share this post and say hi on Twitter!

See you next time!

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