Full Moon in Pisces (September 1)

The full moon is associated with key aspects of each sign’s archetype. This makes the full moon a good time to channel the sign’s positive energy so it supports us on our journey.

Pisces is energetic and emotional, intuitive and imaginative. The sign represents spiritual depth and the greatest ability to let go and “go with the flow”. And since it’s the last sign of the zodiac, a full moon here can signify change (or closure and evolution) as strongly as an eclipse.

We have limited time to make the most of this reading! Communication might get a little easier by the 5th when Mercury enters Libra, but Mars goes retrograde in Aries on the 9th, well ahead of the new moon, which brings the normal two-week downgrade in energy to an early and abrupt halt.

So, how can we make the most of this Pisces moon in the time we have? Let’s look at the questions this reading.

Full Moon in Pisces pnWhere can we reclaim our energy?

Isa literally means ice but it suggests a metaphorical stillness or freeze. This rune strongly relates to self-control: like ice, if it’s thin, it’s dangerous. But likewise, even the thickest, slowest moving glacier leaves destruction behind.

It’s time to take stock of where we’ve been spending too much energy or holding on to something too tightly. Imagine grabbing a handful of sand – you know how it trickles out between your fingers? Imagine a hunk of ice instead of your hand, and that energy is trickling out.

It’s time to look at where the cracks are in our ice – parts of life that involve heat, like anger. We have to heal whatever is causing that irritation and cool our emotions.

Ice on the path can be a challenge, but we can gain the traction to move past it. We have to process and release our grip on things that are causing these energy drains, so we can focus on productive action instead of emotional reaction.

What illusions or ideas can we replace?

Dagaz means sun, new day, enlightenment, or awakening. On it’s side, it looks like an hourglass, and upright, it’s similar to the symbol for infinity. Dagaz is one of the mirror runes, representing a duality or unity between two elements. In the center of Dagaz, there’s a balance of light (or awareness) and the absence of light (or ignorance, limited beliefs, outdated methods, whatever).

This rune guides us toward the new, bright, and better and away from the old, dark, and outdated. But we can’t improve if we aren’t willing to replace our old ways.

While Jera suggests a gentle cycle of time and change, Dagaz is bold and nearly instantaneous, like a lightning bolt. It’s the final rune, representing the reward of an epiphany or new level of understanding to replace the illusions, old beliefs, or outdated ideas that no longer serve us.

How can we gain greater insights?

Nauthiz means need or necessity, along with a situation of urgency, deprivation, friction, or an unhealthy demand. Nauthiz, like Tiwaz, can suggest a minor or short-term loss for the greater good or long-term gain.

The energy of this rune can be harsh, especially if we’re struggling with emotional pain or fear, but Nauthiz gives us the courage to take a deep breath and do things we never imagined ourselves doing. That’s how we survive hard times.

We’ve seen this rune several times this year, most recently in the Full Moon in Capricorn reading and just before that in the  Summer Solstice reading.

To be very clear, this is not a rune we really want to see much more of. It’s here again because we – in the societal sense – are not paying attention! This is an ugly reminder that our refusal to listen and change, to do what is now necessary, is blocking us from greater spirituality and insight. 

What can we gain from letting go?

Sowilo is the sun, but it also refers to action and achievement, and enlightenment (yep, just like Dagaz). Full moons are always times to think beyond ourselves. This rune activates our highest values, helps us turn thought to action, and it’s supremely optimistic.

Sowilo also contains an ancient code of honor – a set of common sense guidelines of morality and individual responsibility that promote a healthy society in ways the law can’t. This rune sets the expectation, and the next rune, Tiwaz, enacts it.

When this rune appears, it’s a huge, blindingly bright sign to focus on the right thing, not the comfortable or convenient thing. When we loosen control of whatever we’re holding onto so tightly (from Isa, above), we can be our best selves, aligned with the Divine, with all things working together for the good.


Emotions are dictating responses; it’s time to cool down. Stubborn, closed minds are clinging too tightly to control, ignorance, and outdated beliefs.  The upside? Healing our energy leaks means we have more for better things. When we let go of the old ways, we gain enlightenment and a fresh start. Changing our ways and doing what is necessary brings greater insight, and when we relax, align our energy with the Divine, then all things work out for the best.

It won’t be easy. And like I said before, time is really short. And this full moon is farther from earth. It will look very small…so pay attention to the little things. (So make sure you didn’t miss any details from this reading!)

Final notes…

Keep in mind that Pisces (the full moon) and Virgo (the sign we’ve recently entered) are the signs of the zodiac that want most to help others and relieve suffering in the world. That is the focus right now. If we screw it up, then the next time this focus rolls around again (next March, when we’re in the sign of Pisces with the full moon in Virgo), we may not be able to do anything about it.

Why? Because, if you recall, I’ve told you that whatever our world looks like at the Winter Solstice will be what we should expect for the next year or more. Some people have said “when COVID is over” as though in just a few more weeks, life will go back to the way it was. It won’t. This is the new normal. What we’re seeing and experiencing in our society today is the path we’ve created (or allowed to happen).

If you don’t like it, consider this your final wake-up call to take positive action.

I hope you’ve found something useful and encouraging here. Please like or share! If you have any questions, comment here or @ me on Twitter (@rune_reader).

See you next time!

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