Birth Rune Raidho (August 28 – September 13)

If your birthday is between August 29 and September 13, happy birthday! Your birth rune is Raidho: it was woven into your destiny by the Norn to help you achieve your purpose.

There is also a rune that relates to your day to day life and one that reveals how you manifest the divine. If you’d like more information on the runes that affect the journey toward your destiny, @ me on Twitter (@rune_reader) for a personal “rune-scope” reading or email me here at

Raidho translates to ride or journey and it signifies transport, transition or cycle. Depending on the context, it could be literal, like a vehicle, maybe traveling for a job or a reunion. It could also be figurative, like the wheel, representing cycles of your life journey. Finally, it could represent guidance on a journey, like your inner compass.

Here’s the real takeaway: even the simplest type of travel, like riding a horse, includes movement and direction. Something is being transported, right? Raidho is about something being moved or conveyed – maybe you, maybe someone else, maybe something else.

Birth Rune 8 28 to 9 12 Raidho2 Lessons for Virgo

Virgo, to fulfill your destiny, you must learn to serve well and with pride, and that’s not too difficult because you like to help other people – you have a naturally restorative vibe, and that’s awesome.

The second thing you are here to learn is to prioritize your own well-being. Because sometimes…let me ask you, do you sometimes get a little overwhelmed when you haven’t had enough personal time and space? That’s no surprise. Those born under Ansuz (the rune ahead of Raidho) are the ones that tell the stories, you actually live them. Naturally you’re at risk of some burnout.

How Does Raidho Help?

Raidho will help you restore order. You need a natural rhythm of helping others and being good to yourself. When this is a regular, consistent part of your life, you know you’re on the right path. You might want to carry a charm or symbol of Yggdrasil, the tree of life.

Follow your interests and your heart, your wishes and goals, and let those direct your steps. That’s the movement and direction you need.

You may feel like you’re spinning in a rut and you’ve seen it all before, but let go of that script in your head, align your inner self with the present (not the voices of the past, not the anxiety from the future) and you will make progress on your path. Every step of the present journey distances you from unnecessary fears or burdens from the past.

As the quintessential Virgo, you know that earth signs need stability. It might be rough when you want consistency and your path seems to keep changing, but remember that hard times are balanced out by better ones. The warning of this rune is to not just give up and sit down and stop moving.

You’ve got too much going on to let yourself stagnate. The best soil needs turned to re-oxygenate it, so recognize the direction you’re being pulled toward, follow that inner compass. And since you’re likely an older soul, remember that the balance and leadership of the old ways make it easier to live in the present moment. If you ever lose your way, follow Tiwaz (discussed HERE).

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See you soon!

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