New Moon in Leo (August 18)

Unfortunately, new moons can bring some of the less positive traits of a sign to the front. But as the moon grows, so can we. The new moon is a great time for some aspects of self-mastery.

As you know, new moons are ideal times for new beginnings and especially for self-development. Leo amplifies this need, so you may find this reading very helpful. And keep in mind, this new moon is your last chance to get yourself aligned with the Divine before Mars goes retrograde.

The negative side of Leo can be characterized by a lack of confidence or feeling of inadequacy, hesitance, and false bravado. So our runes for this reading will help us turn these unimpressive forms of lion energy into positives like confidence, boldness, and authenticity.

Let’s explore what that will look like. From left to right, our questions and answers are:

New Moon in Leo AugustWhere are we underestimating ourselves?

Nauthiz translates to need or necessity. It looks two sticks being rubbed together to make a fire, or two fingers crossed for luck. This rune can imply desperation or conflicting needs so sometimes it seems like an omen of bad luck. Actually, Nauthiz gives us exactly what we need when there’s little choice.

We saw this rune back in the Spring Equinox reading. We have more practice juggling priorities and making unpleasant choices than we did then, but it’s still no fun dealing with the darker sides of ourselves.

But our dark sides are where we’re limiting ourselves. If you’re not feeling truly confident about yourself, it’s probably because you know that deep down, your dark side is…well, pretty dark. Ok, so you’re not perfect. It’s not fun to acknowledge how you manifest your fears or anxieties, but until you do, you’ll keep underestimating yourself. Nauthiz means very short-term pain for long-term gain. You CAN do this!

What’s keeping us from our true passions?

Thurisaz is Thor’s rune. It means giant or monster, but it can signify anything from chaos or threat of violence to the protection of the wise warrior Thor.

In this context, we’re not dealing with Thor but with the giant. Unfortunately, it’s bypassing our usual defenses. This is a crude, brute attack from a chaotic and/or corrupt force that prefers us to be ignorant and quiet. It’s aggressive, reactionary, and very against our freedom and human consciousness. It’s getting into our heads and triggering anger – and THAT is what’s keeping us distracted and away from our true passions.

Have you been having trouble sleeping the past few nights? Feeling a vague negativity or dread you can’t quite explain? This is it. Just keep in mind that Thor’s energy is helpful for self-empowerment and breaking through barriers. We didn’t start this fight, but we can damn well finish it and get back to a life we can love and be our truest, best selves in.

How can we be more authentic?

Tiwaz is Tyr’s rune, and Tyr is the warrior god of justice who sacrificed an arm for the greater good, and showed his loyalty to his people. This rune is all about justice, principles, and balance ruled by higher rationality.

To bring our authentic selves back to the light, we have to understand and accept that it is not only rational, but ethically and morally correct that we are expected to sacrifice a little bit as individuals for the greater good of society.

This is a positive rune but a reminder that we have a responsibility to each other. Once upon a time, as young children, you all had a natural empathy and compassion for others. As you grew up, some of you were taught to stifle that humanity and be more exclusive. This has already required a sacrifice from you. To get back on track now is possible but it comes with the cost of unlearning what you were taught and taking responsibility for your actions.

Let’s sum up.

We’re underestimating ourselves because we still need to deal with the darker aspects of ourselves. When we bring them to light, we’ll find more confidence. There are angry distractions keeping us from our passions. We must fight the source of them so we can move forward. Finally, we need to prioritize the greater good with justice and humanity. It won’t be easy but it’s necessary to let our authentic selves shine!

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See you next time!

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