Birth Rune Ansuz (August 13 – 27)

If you were born between August 13 and 29, happy birthday! Your birth rune is Ansuz. The Norn gifted you with your birth rune to help you achieve your destiny and fulfill your purpose.

There’s also a birth hour rune that relates to your day to day life, and an ascending rune that reveals how you are perceived and how you manifest the divine. If you’d like a personal “rune-scope” reading, just message me. On Twitter I’m @AdinaWollam or email me at!

The literal translation of Ansuz is “a god” meaning one of the Aesir, usually Odin himself. This rune represents wisdom, knowledge, or communication. Generally, Ansuz has to do with clear communication in the daily literal sense.

It also refers to an ancestral connection to the Aesir and the divine of the Universe. Recall that the word “spirit” comes from the same root as “breath.” For those who are more spiritual, this rune strongly supports your learning and your communication in the form of song, chant, spell, and passing of wisdom along ancestral lines.

Birth rune 8 13 to 27 AnsuzSo many warnings

Ansuz can also refer to a manipulation or a misuse of your talents, because it can also refer to a trickster among the Aesir, specifically Loki. This means you’re perfectly capable of misusing your communication abilities to sell a load of bull. Worse, it means in some circumstances, you might believe your own deception. And because of this, you may tend to suffer from minor anxiety.

In addition, if you’re misusing communication, whether it’s toward others or toward yourself, you’re prone to misunderstand or misinterpret information coming toward you!

Finally, pay attention to all forms of communication, and don’t ignore or discredit the message simply because you don’t like it.

Remember first that each of us has a lesson to learn on this journey through life. Your birth rune is going to help you with that lesson.

Ansuz and Leo:

Leo, your destiny requires you to speak boldly; learn to communicate your wisdom and knowledge with confidence. Both early and late cusp Leos may be a little hesitant about this. But this isn’t a bid for attention! This is about using it as a platform.

As warned, don’t misuse the gift to mislead anyone, but be bold and share the facts. Take credit where it is due, point out communication issues where you see them. Don’t hesitate to take the mic when it’s handed to you: Ansuz means you speak with the support of the Aesir.

Ansuz and Virgo:

Virgo, your planet is Mercury, which is all about the mind, communication, intellect, and language. Your destiny requires you to learn to prioritize your own well-being. Your natural tendency is to step in to help, but sometimes you do it before you have all the information you need.

Then, because details are important to you, it takes more of an emotional toll on you and it throws you off your rhythm. When you find a balance between caring for others and caring for yourself, that’s when you’re the most insightful, and can best communicate the diligence and healing of the Aesir.

But wait, there’s more

Be careful with labels, especially as you apply them to other people. Naming a thing (or person) can give power over that thing or person. Naturally it effects the hearts and minds of those who do it as well as those who have it done to them. Keep your motives aligned with the Aesir.

If you’ve never explored your spiritual side before, maybe it’s time. Ansuz is the first of only a few runes that directly connect humans to spirit. Many of you late Leos and early Virgos are naturally drawn to fields that center around applied knowledge and communication. Don’t neglect wisdom that can be gained from communing with the divine – spend time in nature, meditate, pray – and apply what you gain to your calling.

Does this post resonate with you, or remind you of someone you know? Please like and share! And as always,

See you next time!


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