Full Moon in Aquarius August 3

The full moon is associated with key aspects of each sign’s archetype. This makes the full moon a good time to channel the sign’s positive energy so it supports us on our journey.

Aquarius is an assertive and independent soul, but very focused on the collective: a true rebel humanitarian and a creative visionary. And it’s a fixed sign; Aquarians are those who take a good idea and put it into action.

This full moon shines its light on some bigger truths. Its energy encourages us to be real with ourselves so we can express our own independence, maximize our connections with others, and share our desire to improve the world.

After a string of interesting astrological events this year, this full moon brings us a moment to catch our breath. But pay attention: it’s also a preview of what’s to come in these final months of the year.

The 13th in particular could be a very interesting day, on a personal or even on a global scale. It might not be significant at the moment, but don’t be surprised to see a shift change just before the new moon – even in the context of all the weirdness we’ve seen this year, there may a surprising announcement that steals the spotlight.

But now let’s get to the runes for this reading. From left to right, our questions – and answers are:

Full Moon in Aquarius Rune ReadingWhat’s holding you back?

Jera translates to “year” and its design suggests a repeating cycle or pattern. This rune can also indicate a harvest or a need to wait.

All cycles are important, even the small daily ones. Patience is critical for a full harvest, but this does not excuse complacency when the time is right. Jera has a gentle but persistent rhythm and energy.

We’ve had time to sow and nurture. It’s not yet time to harvest, but it’s time to weed. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and its alignment with the sun is triggering some shaky feelings.

Something has been kept hidden, or has been ignored…it’s unstable and it’s about to collapse. And it’s been holding you back. Maybe it’s a familiar mindset or perception you’ve held onto from an earlier time, maybe it’s an unhealthy attachment. This unsteady thing is keeping you from asserting yourself and being truly independent.

We’re exhausted nearly to the point of apathy. The energy of this full moon along with Jera will help you weed out what’s no longer serving you. Whatever it is, you already suspect it but now you’ll see how weak it is and recognize it for the burden it is. Take this rune as confirmation of what you’ve suspected: the time has come.

How can you create and express empathy?

Dagaz means day but it often refers to spiritual enlightenment, a conceptual realization, or a transformative synthesis or connection. Like Jera, this is a rune of change, but while Jera is gentle and incremental, Dagaz is bold, like the first ray of light at sunrise. This light (and enlightenment) is already increasing but you may notice it most around the 8th – by next Friday, you may want to have a notebook handy to jot down all the new ideas and inspiration you’re getting.

The futhark has no rune for night, darkness, or the moon. These indicate absences and not things. So, darkness is not darkness, but a quality of light. The moon is just a reflection of the sun, which even the ancient Vikings knew was always there, whether they could see it or not.

This full moon is a good time to build and express empathy in practical ways. The reflection or mirror of bold light is a lack of (en)light(enment) just as the mirror of empathy is fear.

Shine your light on your own words this week. Think about how what you say or post and whether it supports anyone…or brings them down. Think about how your mood ripples out to those close to you. Then  brighten someone’s day. Check on someone who’s going through a rough time. Let go of a grudge you’ve been holding onto (maybe that’s what Jera has planned for you?). Hang out (safely) with a friend and just get silly to help them relieve some stress – laughter is great medicine.

How can you inspire others?

Berkano translates to birch. It signifies growth and suggests a secret sanctuary or place in which to heal and rejuvenate.

Berkano governs protection and signifies a space that’s safe for growth and development. It also relates to renewal, regeneration, recovery, and healing. This rune is connected to cycles of life in a maternal, encouraging, supportive way. Like Jera, it’s a gentle but persistent energy.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s a weak energy, though. Berkano requires a mindful use of restraint and patience. Growth can occur quickly but it can’t be rushed.

There will be some collective healing over the next week but there’s much more to do. Aquarius, as a humanitarian, also seeks justice. We all need to open ourselves to learning and taking some action toward this cause. Berkano’s energy can help us strengthen our own empathy and align right action with right mindset.

The enlightenment of Dagaz is a strong start but we still need some time and peace to get our heads straight before we really do a lot of interacting.

Use Berkano for yourself first. Clear away misconceptions, learn and heal from history, and begin or continue your own personal development, and then share that same safe and nurturing space with others as you encourage them to know better and do better.

Did you notice this?

Each of these runes relates to time or cycles. Right now, while we’re mostly still isolating ourselves, time in the day-to-day sense has lost some of it’s meaning, hasn’t it? But we need to be more in sync with each other right now because before the new moon we’ll see some interesting new situations.

While we’re tired of sacrificing and doing our part while others don’t, this is a time for letting our desire for a better world motivate us and keep us focused on the greater good.

Let go of the instability – you’ve known this time would come and it will be easier than you think. Find the underlying fear and you’ll find the cause of apathy in yourself and others. Then take time over the next 8 to 10 days to restore and gain clarity so you can choose your course of action. Help others cast off their fears, and you’ll help them achieve their own epiphany.

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See you next time!

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