Birth Rune Thurisaz (July 29 – August 13)

If you were born between July 29 and August 13, happy birthday! Your birth rune is Thurisaz. This rune was woven into your destiny by the Norn to help you achieve your purpose.

There is also a rune that relates to your day to day life and one that reveals how you manifest the divine. If you’d like more information on the runes that affect the journey toward your destiny, ask me about a personal “rune-scope” reading! On Twitter I’m @AdinaWollam or email me here at

Thurisaz is Thor’s rune. It can mean giant, Thor himself, or thorn, and it can also relate to the protection of Thor, the hammer Mjolnir, or a smart defensive strategy.

Birth rune 7 29 to 8 13 ThurisazWhat does Thurisaz mean for you?

Channel the energy of Thor. He’s not so different from the MCU version. Do you remember the first Thor movie? He was immature and impulsive (sort of like a lion cub), but he matured into a wiser warrior, enlightened and aware, a champion of courage and freedom, and a protector – especially against blunt attacks, whether from other humans or giants from another realm.

In addition, I want you to understand Thor in both a figurative and physics sense: summoning lightning let him perceive things with brilliant clarity. This quick gathering of knowledge would be followed by a thundering wave of massive action.

You’re here to learn a specific lesson.

Everyone has a lesson to learn on their journey. Leo, to fulfill your destiny, you must learn to speak boldly, communicate your wisdom with confidence, and claim rightful credit.

If you think of a stereotypical Leo, you may think of someone who craves the spotlight. But that’s often the mark of an insecure or immature lion and not a true king or queen. Still, you may missing chances to more toward your destiny when you keep quiet.

Here’s how Thurisaz will help:

This rune helps break resistance and creates synergy. It won’t fix every mental block, but it can help synthesize your knowledge, will, and energy so you can take effective action. Remember that Mjolnir is both a weapon and a tool, depending on the need. Your voice can be used the same way.

Your communication can break down hearts of stone into fertile and fruitful soil, which is why wisdom is so important. Let Thurisaz guide you to enlightenment (or just an objective view), and then to a wise plan of action where you can share what you know.

There’s no need for false modesty when what you’re communicating holds value. If praise comes, a simple ‘thank you’ will suffice; when you share knowledge, you’re helping the Aesir. In a very big way, this is your purpose. If you were a healer, would you shy away from giving someone a band-aid? Of course not. You are a communicator – speak truth boldly.

If this resonates with you or a Leo in your life, I hope you’ll let me know by liking or sharing this post!

See you next time!

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