Natal Runes for DJT

I’ve been doing more rune-scope readings lately, which is fun, but recently, a few people have asked if I’d consider a natal rune reading for our current commander-in-chief.

It’s kind of like a train wreck: I don’t want to look, but at the same time, I want to know. And so do you.

Some of this may surprise you, but I bet most of it will validate common perceptions. You know you want to know. FWIW, I’m not using any names here. Y’all know who I mean.

Sun (both date and time): Dagaz

The sun sign is primary astrological sign. He’s a Gemini, and this rune fits very nicely. Dagaz translates to sun or day. It often represents an enlightenment, or awareness. It’s a mirror rune, though, which represents a duality between two elements. This fits Gemini perfectly, but also the flip-flop nature of DT. For example, if there is light, there is also a lack of it. When there’s a glimmer of awareness, there are also shadows of ignorance.

Moon: Isa

The moon sign tells us how he processes emotion and feeling. Isa translates to ice. It can been a literal freezing or a figurative inability to move. Isa is all about control and like ice, if it’s thin, it’s dangerous.  Interestingly, Isa also is a warning of treachery, which, given the string of failed marriages, seems to be appropriate.

You know you want to know pinMercury: Fehu

This planet governs information, intelligence, communication; it’s how he communicates, explains, and understands. Fehu translates to cattle but it represents liquid forms of wealth and includes things like luck and success. Find a 5-minute speech that doesn’t reference money or success. He keeps coming back to those points because it’s the only way he knows to communicate.

Venus: Uruz

Venus represents love and beauty. It may be odd that what DT finds attractive is a wild ox. Uruz is the symbol for the ancient aurochs; it represents independence and freedom (and very occasionally, male virility) but like any wild beast, it must be guided wisely and carefully or it will cause destruction. There’s a LOT to unpack here, but I’ll leave it to you to speculate.

Mars: Ansuz

Mars is about courage so this is how he asserts himself and expresses his will. Ansuz is the rune of the Aesir – the gods of Asgard; it primarily relates to communication. This would normally indicate a passionate and persuasive communicator (would not be surprising to see it in a trial lawyer). At the very least, we’d expect someone who speaks boldly and clearly. What we have is someone who’s reactionary and backpedals on a daily basis. (*Note: Ansuz comes with two major cautions. The first is the simple reminder that Loki is one of the Aesir, so any communication could be manipulated. The second is to not ignore a message because of the messenger. Thus, a trial lawyer may choose to emphasize or ignore facts to fit the case, or attempt to discredit a witness. But as a more extreme example, consider this administration’s disregard of science and medical experts in it’s “suggestions” and policies.)

Jupiter: Gebo

Jupiter governs abundance or generosity. This rune translates to a gift, but it’s not as nice or simple as that. The actual meaning is more like an exchange. There are definitely strings attached, like a quid pro quo. As with other mirror runes, this one is about equals and opposites. You can draw your own conclusions about a person who doesn’t give gifts without expectations.

Saturn: Uruz

Saturn relates to a sense of discipline and commitment. Very oddly, the rune here is the same as for Venus, above. It’s a wild animal…so how much discipline or commitment do we expect? With no skilled handler, this is barely restrained chaos. Whether it’s someone’s business, oath to carry out the duties of a president, or marriage vows, the outlook isn’t promising.

Pluto: Thurisaz

Pluto has to do with transformation and power. The rune is Thurisaz, which usually means giant, thorn, or the god Thor, but it can also signify chaos, destruction by natural forces, and psychological problems. It usually has to do with being smart and strategic against ignorant enemies – the rune of an intelligent warrior – so it seems out of place here. But since DT seems to have never gone through a personal transformation or shift of power, this rune may be a sign of what’s to come. Thurisaz is at its worst with anger or fear, so we can expect chaos, reactive force rather than directed force, and compulsive actions against perceived resistance. He’ll fight, but without any effective strategy.

Ascending (Rising): Ansuz

The ascending sign is about first impressions, which can also mean the public persona (or mask) or their natural defense mechanisms. Again, the rune is Ansuz, which we just saw up in Mars. So, not to repeat too much, but it’s about communication (and also manipulation of communication, including deception or bad advice). This is a guy who loves to talk. Maybe not well, and maybe not with any sense, but this is definitely how you see him in early interviews, and it’s how he deflects today.

Okay, this wasn’t a full natal reading because there are more duplicates and it just didn’t seem interesting.

But if this entertained you for a moment or validated your perceptions in any way, please LIKE and SHARE this post. If you’re a first-time visitor, I do readings about once a week. If you subscribe, you won’t miss anything!

See you next time!

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