Second New Moon in Cancer July 20

New moons can be wonderful times to shift our focus inward and consider a personal fresh start. The rare second new moon in a sign is like a second chance! Not this one.

This one brings oppressive energy thanks to Saturn. We’re feeling restricted and pessimistic – everyone is sensitive right now. So how do we move forward?

Remember that Cancer is the sign of nurture and home. These aspects of life are incredibly important right now – this new moon is not to be trifled with. The consequences of actions we take with this new moon will show in August and through the fall, and will help set the tone for the future, so foresight is critical.

2nd New Moon in Cancer Rune ReadingWhat will support my home?

Dagaz translates to “day” but is usually used to indicate a dawn (as in, a dawning realization) or enlightenment, often in a spiritual sense. It often signifies growth, development, and fundamental change. This rune has been making frequent appearances through the late spring and into the summer.

The enlightenment of Dagaz isn’t gentle; it’s a bold breakthrough, as bright as the first ray of the sun when it rises. As the brightest source of physical light in our physical world comes from the sun, the source of growth and development here come from the universal Divine.

Strengthening connections with your understanding of that divine source are going to help you support all things that signify “home” to you: your body, your place of residence, and those who dwell within it.

What will nurture the next generation?

Wunjo literally means “joy” but is used with the understanding that happiness is to be shared. Without at least one other person to share joy with, it can sour into toxic positivity or even self-righteousness.

Nurture requires celebrating successes of others. If a child learns a different way of remembering their spelling words, we don’t criticize – we praise their efforts and celebrate success with them. Maybe this means swallowing your pride or adjusting your way of thinking, but if it’s for the greater good, it is necessary.

This is no time for “but we’ve always done it that way.”  Younger generations, perhaps inspired by Dagaz, are speaking out and calling our attention to many social problems that need solved. Wunjo calls us to seek what is good and right, because we’ll find harmony in those solutions. Societal harmony and balance is the encouragement the next generation needs.

What can I do to help heal myself and others?

Ehwaz translates to horse and it usually indicates cooperation (like between a horse and rider) and steady progress. We don’t see too many reversed runes, but when we do, it’s unsettling. In the reversed position, like here, it can indicate a lack of progress, perhaps due to a problem with trust, loyalty, or communication between parties.

This is an indication that we’re not working cooperatively. There is an imbalance of power between horse and rider. This metaphorical power struggle is an echo of the abrupt change that Dagaz brings.

Healing means understanding and accepting that the status quo has changed. We all must make some adjustments in order to rebuild trust and restore damaged loyalty. As with Wunjo, this is a pro-social rune. This means our positive actions, aligned with the divine, will not only heal us but ripple outward to others.

Cancer means home.

Home means security. It means nurturing and loyalty and love. But outside influences have distracted us from the importance of the solid foundation that a home offers. This new moon, open yourself to enlightenment and a stronger connection with the divine. This will help you share in the joy of new solutions and support younger generations. Failing to cooperate and communicate leads to a disruption of progress, but making adjustments and rebuilding trust and loyalty to others promotes healing.

Our home – our societal home – is in chaos. This is a chance to do some long overdue cleaning and make sure everyone is welcomed and has a place at the table.

If this reading resonates with you, please please let me know with a like! Consider sharing with your friends who might benefit from the message.

Thanks, and see you next time!

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