Full Moon & Eclipse in Capricorn July 4/5

The full moon is associated with key aspects of each sign’s archetype. This makes the full moon a good time to channel the sign’s positive energy so it supports us on our journey. Capricorn is responsible, sure-footed, and ambitious, especially when it comes to material success.

The lunar eclipse is only partial but it’s the third eclipse in a row (following a lunar just a month ago on June 5 and a solar eclipse on the solstice on June 21). Eclipses bring change, and an eclipse strengthened by a new or full moon multiplies the potential energy.

The past few weeks, after the solar eclipse, things were in our favor. Right now, the situation reverses. Don’t be surprised to see some big announcements in the next few weeks. There may even be some real news we perceive as more propaganda – at first. But just as this partial eclipse doesn’t totally block the light reflecting from the moon, this news won’t be able to block the nuggets of truth we need to pay attention to.

It’s a very good time to take a step back because rash action right now is likely to bite us in the ass. Capricorn is headstrong but also sure-footed; it’s not a time for impulsivity.

But this eclipse has the potential to bring positive changes. Let’s take a look at where we’re at and how we can progress on our path.

Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn p1. What have we accomplished so far?

Hagalaz means hail. This rune can refer to any kind of disruption, interference, a storm, or general damaging forces.

Disruption of the status quo is alarming, but not always bad. Sure, hailstones can destroy crops. But as we saw in the Summer Solstice reading, we’re growing fellowship and a shared sense of community this season.

Now, constant storms wear us down as easily as hail hammers down a cornfield. And this limits our energy to nurture what we’re building.

But it may help to remember that there’s always a power shift within storms. Pick up a hail stone and it melts into harmless water, which can transform a seed into a plant.

Hagalaz also has a cleansing energy. As individuals in distress, sometimes we just need to cry things out. As humanity, we need to plow up old or dysfunctional concepts and systems (I’m seeing peaceful protests very clearly here) and let the storms clear the fields so our shared joy can grow and we can begin to heal and enact change.

2. What realities are limiting us?

Nauthiz translates to need or necessity. It’s easy to remember this one because it looks like fingers crossed for luck, or maybe two sticks being rubbed together to make a fire. It refers to an urgency, deprivation, sometimes friction, or sometimes an obsession or compulsion. And while it doesn’t look positive, it can also represent a short-term sacrifice for long-term gain.

This rune appeared in the Spring Equinox reading as the end of spring outcome, and now here we are just a couple weeks past the solstice. Yep, I told you! And it just made an appearance in the Summer Solstice reading as a long-term condition. And here we are.

Of course need is stronger than want but the energy of Nautiz is still harsh. And it perfectly represents what is limiting us. Our ancestors needed fire to survive but they knew what it could do. This uncomfortable awareness is a kind of friction.

Nauthiz ensures our survival…but with some measure of discomfort. As a society, we’ve proven to be barely equipped to make the smallest of sacrifices. But as a society, we need everyone to do so – to mask up and social distance, to take a hard look at systemic racism, to simply allow our darker sides to help us make tough decisions. This need limits us because the longer it takes for everyone to acknowledge it, the longer this rune will represent our status quo.

But on a personal level, think about what this might mean for you. Is there an unpleasant need, or maybe even a compulsion? If you are willing to make a small sacrifice now, things will be better soon.

3. How can we expand our ambitions?

Uruz represents the ancient aurochs. It is a symbol of strength, courage, endurance, and manifestation. This rune governs self-healing and the ability to maintain our own mental and physical health, and by extension, the ability to control aggression when we stand our ground and demand our freedom. It’s a lot like Capricorn in many ways.

The first rune of the Futhark is Fehu, a symbol of domestic cattle. Uruz is the second rune, representing the wild ox. It is a powerful energy of independence, expectation, and manifestation. Like any wild beast, it must be guided wisely and carefully.

There are those (discussed with Nauthiz, above) who have asserted their “freedom” in a short-sighted and selfish way. This is a mistake we can’t afford to make. Uruz is about independence, but not the individual ego.

The aurochs stood five to six feet at the shoulder and could easily weigh a ton or more, about like today’s bison. Imagine “Big Aurochs Energy” in everyone, as if we all have a big-ass bison as our spirit animal. We’re assertive. We’re determined. And while we’re strong as individuals, we’e even stronger as a herd. That’s the energy we need to continue growing our sense of connection and community.

We can harness Uruz to help us demand freedom for all members of our “herd.” We can make it clear that we expect others to learn and keep up, and we can assert our right to live in a fair and just society.

4. What obstacle needs overcome?

Sowilo literally means the sun. This rune also indicates victory, mastery, and ancient honor – think of the archetypal conquering of darkness by light – where the common good connects a successful society more than legislation.

The energy of Sowilo is positive, which makes it odd to see this rune as an obstacle. Normally, it indicates a time of clarity, where it’s safe to face fears, find solutions, and take honorable action.

But these very things can become obstacles if we spend too much time planning and no time doing, for example. Sowilo transforms thoughts to actions to help us achieve success through our individual will, but this is not a uniting rune. Like Uruz, it can easily become more about the individual than the group.

The obstacle – the thing holding us back – may be a kind of blinding by the light. We’ve seen videos of folks applying action plans only to their own lives, demanding the “right” to risk lives by not masking or distancing, for example. This is not how Sowilo works. The common good is not just the goal; it represents a minimum level of morality.

The rune following Sol is Tiwaz, named for the warrior god of justice. In the end, our goal is basic common decency and consideration of all others. This doesn’t come if we only work toward our personal goals. It comes when we turn the power-washer of Hagalaz on old beliefs and systems, and when we contribute our individual strengths in support of the greater good of all of society.


Our accomplishments are as predicted: the storms have been hard but they’re helping us cleanse and clear and support positive growth. We are limited by the difficulty in reconciling our needs with the sacrifices necessary to meet them. To grow and expand our ambitions over the next couple weeks, we can wisely use the confidence and assertion of Uruz to expand on the understanding that we are one herd, and we are stronger and better together. But we can’t be blinded by energy; we must align our goals with the highest morals and greatest good of society.

The takeaway is in Uruz and Sowilo: demand liberty and justice for all.

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See you soon!

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