Summer Solstice & Eclipse Rune Reading (June 21)

Summer Solstice 2020The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, but this year is a little different.

This summer solstice is unusual, as it takes place just before an annular solar eclipse (which will only be visible to parts of Asia, Africa, and Australia). I want to remind you of the great conjunction we’re going to see with the upcoming winter solstice; these solstices indicate a time of great significance.

This “longest day” feeling may last until the winter solstice, because between now and then, we’ll be engaged in a major quest for change. What’s involved? Let’s go from left to right.

What needs to go to allow room for growth?

Gebo: a gift. This rune isn’t as simple as it sounds; it suggests an exchange of some sort. This is not a gift with no strings attached. It’s more of a quid pro quo. The rune is about equals and opposites, even in its shape: left and right, or up and down.

Our perception of equal exchanges needs an overhaul. This may extend to our perception of equity or fairness in general.

Many people have realized that some of the most advanced countries in the world have some of the worst disparities in health care, made clear by this pandemic. But many are also waking up to the fact that we don’t treat people with any kind of equity in other ways. Protests and responses to them are also showing that laws and amendments are not being upheld fairly or equally. We’ve given leaders and protectors votes and money, but some of them aren’t giving us much in return.

In the Havamal, it says “A man should be loyal through life to friends and return gift for gift; Laugh when they laugh but with lies repay a false foe who lies.” However, this is not a call to battle. Yet.  Yes, we’ve been lied to and it’s hurt us. For karma to restore balance, the old ideas have to go. That has to happen before we can make progress.

What is growing and flourishing?

Wunjo: joy. The implication is a shared joy or sense of well-being, harmony, friendship or community.

People all over are finding that they share more common ground than they realized. This has led to beautiful moments of shared identity, cooperation, and solidarity.

Wunjo strengthens fellowship and bonds and removes alienation and behaviors that disrupt trust and harmony. It is the basis of the Golden Rule and the commandment to love thy neighbor.

Everything about this rune supports healthy relationships in families, communities, societies, and the world. The type of joy within this rune is the love that heals hate, and while the battle there is far from over, we are starting to win.

All of this is generating incredible positive energy, but we can’t just settle back into contentment. Some people believe that all will be well after the U.S. election in November, but that date has little significance compared to December 21. Love and joy are working now and as they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Keep those positive vibes going.

What energy is creating shadows?

Nauthiz: need, necessity. Nauthiz refers to an urgency, deprivation, friction, or sometimes an unhealthy demand or compulsion.

This rune can have a delaying influence and sometimes it suggests a temporary sacrifice or short-term loss for long-term gain.

Need more powerful than want, but the energy of this rune can be harsh. It calls up the forces that created the current need, which can stall our own energy.

If we’re paralyzed by the past, pain and fear will keep us from action. But necessity is the mother of invention. Nauthiz can give us the courage and clarity to see what we need to do. We may have to make hard decisions and take steps we would normally not have to consider, but Nauthiz gives us what we need to survive hard times.

The symbol of Nauthiz can look like crossed fingers, full of hope, but it can also be seen as two sticks being rubbed together to start a fire. As a species, we need fire and of course without it, we hope for it…but we’re also aware of its power so we fear it a little. This uncomfortable awareness is exactly the energy that’s getting in the way.

This summer, we can expect more protests, second waves of COVID-19, and probably the interference of politics with basic needs. Violence may surface in areas where resources have already been strained by mismanagement. These things will add to the unease, but remember Nauthiz also brings hope and courage to make the hard choices and do what is required. Pay attention to the news, remain calm, and learn.

How do we illuminate the shadows?

Thurisaz: thorn, giant, the god Thor. This rune can signify the protection of Thor, the hammer Mjolnir, or any defensive weapon.

This is Thor’s rune. Thor is a bit more than the MCU suggests: he’s a wise warrior, enlightened and aware, champion of courage and freedom and protector of Midgard, especially against ignorant attacks of brute violence, whether they come in the form of giants from another realm or other humans.

This rune reminds us that being smart is always an asset against an ignorant enemy. We may not be fighting a physical battle but we need to be smart with our psychological weapons of protection and active resistance. There are forces that prefer us to be unaware and lacking consciousness. Thurisaz brings brilliant clarity (think of a flash of lightning) that restores our enthusiasm and motivation. In turn, this allows us to take massive action.

Prepare for chaos but whenever possible, remain calm and peaceful, especially through the summer. Wear your masks and wear a hat, if you can; facial recognition is highly likely to be misused during this time, and especially if a lockdown follows. (It’s easier for people to “disappear” if everyone is shut in and nobody sees anything.)

What needs to be done by the end of the harvest?

Inguz: the god Ing, seed. Inguz usually represents a state of transformation which brings unity or harmony.

If you’ve read a few of these readings, this rune will be familiar to you. The god Ing taught his people to live in peace. Once they were able to live in unity and harmony, he left them, kinda like an ancient Viking messiah.

We need to complete the personal development that allows us to live like Ing’s people.

If we can avoid violence this summer, we’ll be able to bring in the changes we need more quickly. Ing just appeared in the reading for the New Moon in Cancer yesterday so I won’t repeat it all. Let’s just say that this kind of transformation doesn’t come easy, but it’s more than worth the effort.

The real challenge is getting more people on board, but this is exactly what’s necessary. We have a single enemy but we must remain united; it is very important that we come to the winter solstice as a united humanity.

What if we don’t?

Kaunaz: torch. Normally, this rune is a symbol of enlightenment, or sometimes a door or opening (whether to a new level of understanding, or in a more physical sense, as with an injury). In the reversed position as we see here, it signifies cold and darkness; a lack of knowledge, insight, or intuition; stagnation or possibly regression.

Obviously these are not things we want. Thurisaz is a smart development of protective weapons, but Kaunaz brings the knowledge of application (aka, skilled use). There is no point letting go of the old ways if we’re unprepared for new ones. No place for communal joy if we’re going to allow sorrow. Nothing smart about using our intelligence against ignorance if we decide to quit.

We don’t want to lose the progress we’re making. This battle has cost us too much already. We had two chances to define what this summer and fall would be like: first with the Full moon in Libra April 8 and then again with the Full moon in Scorpio May 7. We are living out the consequences of those choices right now.

If we screw this up, what we’re seeing now is just a preview of what’s ahead. We will not-so-slowly slide into a state of limited information, restricted use of technology, and a lack of human warmth and compassion. Decisions will not be made based on science and our planet – and our species, as well as many others – will pay the price.

What about the Winter Solstice and Great Conjunction?

The Great Conjunction occurs every 20 years when Jupiter catches and moves past Saturn. But this conjunction is very unique. First, this year, the event happens during the solstice. Second, the planets will be the closest they’ve been since 1623. And third, the solstice and the conjunction occur in the first degree of Aquarius.

Thus begins a new astrological era. Since 1802, this conjunction has occurred in earth signs. Think of all the ideas that have become institutions since 1802: employment, gender roles, human rights, education, law, politics. Things have changed in all those areas, but let’s be real! Earth signs aren’t known for radical change!

So think of what a figurative breath of fresh air could do for those stodgy institutions. This is what’s coming. At least, it’s an ideal. It’s up to us, because if we’re not smart, we could be ushering in 160 years of storms and chaos.

This is the significance of the winter solstice. The summer solstice right now is the beginning of the endgame for us and life as we’ve known it. If we want to see anything better or leave any kind of legacy for our children or even great-grandchildren, we can’t afford more failures and mistakes.


We need to dump our old concepts of equity and justice. It’s clear they haven’t been working for a long time. Keep the love and unity going because it’s helping. Don’t let temporary unease cloud your judgment or slow you down. Being smart can be your best defense. Uniting as humanity is critical. If we don’t, humanity will suffer a major setback, like a modern-day, dystopian Dark Ages.

This is not the most pleasant reading I’ve ever done but despite some of the gloom and doom, there are plenty of opportunities for change, which means there are plenty of reasons for hope.

If this reading struck a chord for you or inspired you, please give this post a like or leave me a comment. As always, I ask that you share with your friends on social media who might benefit from something within the reading.

See you next time!

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