New Moon in Cancer June 20th

New Moon in CancerNew moons bring some of the troublesome traits of a sign to the front for everyone. This makes the new moon a good time for a little bit of self-mastery.

This new moon can be more intense than usual since Cancer is ruled by the moon. Added to that, this new moon coincides almost perfectly with the summer solstice, which adds even more energy.

So expect some extreme waves of Cancer negativity, like rigidity, sensitivity, and insecurity. The runes for this reading will help us channel all the potential energy of the new moon to something positive, like getting to the heart of our emotions.

As usual, we’re going left to right for the reading.

1. Where should we be more fluid?

Ingwaz: the god Ing, unity, harmony

The story is told of the god Ing who taught peace to his people. This rune can be thought of as an indication that personal growth or transformation is due.

Ingwaz represents stored energy, like a seed, but also the power we hold within ourselves that allows us to grow, change, and create. It is no coincidence that the participle “-ing” changes a verb from a simple command to an action, like see-ing or do-ing.

Of course, this requires a kind of sacrifice. Some energy must be given up so a seed can grow. Our own growth toward unity will cost us a bit, but this is exactly where we need to be flexible. It will never cost more than a fraction of what we stand to gain.

Some people may have resisted ideas of unity or felt powerless. That time is over for all of us. But we must be fluid about how we and others participate. There are many ways to harmonize, create unity, and take action.

2. Where are we most sensitive right now?

Pertho: the unknown, chance. This rune suggests gambling, chance, and fate. (Sometimes it’s called the “f**k-all” rune because without context, that might be all it tells you!)

Despite the implication of unpredictability, Pertho has more to do with recognition of patterns, awareness of influences at work in the universe, or even potential consequences of our own choices.

This rune actually governs the manipulation of cause and effect and balances the lives the Norn have woven for us with our freedom of choice. Following Ing’s rune for context, we’re focusing on the communal “us” as a society.

Many people in the US and other countries have taken incredible chances and even foolish risks. Society as a whole has made some questionable choices. Those who somehow were oblivious are now aware of it, and we’re all beginning to realize how those choices may impact us.

3. What offers security and balance?

Sowilo: the sun. This rune also indicates victory, mastery, and honor.

The energy here is positive. Sowilo suggests clarity and the conquering of darkness by light. This is not a time to rest, but a time to actively explore the darker aspects of our natures and bring them to light. This window of opportunity brings clarity and objectivity; it’s the ideal time to face fears.

At the same time, it’s the perfect time to find solutions. Sowilo contains an ancient code of honor: the common sense values and morals that connect a successful society more than any letter of law. Restoration of balance comes when we make sure our goals and actions are aligned with honorable action.

Here’s the game plan:

We need to be open-minded and fluid about how we (and others) are supporting unity, as long as we’re all taking action. We’re hyper-sensitive to the consequences of earlier choices right now: it’s time to not only learn from the mistakes of the past, but also make new decisions based on new awareness. Exposing our own darker natures to the light will actually help relieve some insecurity. Then can we plan our next steps – supporting the common good – with honor and restored balance.

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See you next time!

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