Birth Rune Dagaz (June 14 to 29)

Birth rune 6 13 to 29 DagazIf you were born between June 14 and June 29, happy birthday! Your birth rune is Dagaz.

The Norn gave you your birth rune to help you achieve your destiny and fulfill your purpose. (There’s also a birth hour rune that relates more to your day-to-day life, as well as an ascending rune that reveals how you manifest the divine and how you’re perceived. If you’d like a complete rune-scope reading, please let me know!)

The literal translation of this rune is “day” or “dawn.”

Dagaz is a rune of awakening, enlightenment, and epiphany. In the runic alphabet, Dagaz is the counterpart to Jera: both refer to time and change. But where Jera is on an annual, gentle cycle, Dagaz is bold and sometimes instantaneous, like a flash of light.

This rune relates to a connection of dualities. In some ways, it’s the balance point between extremities but it’s also the connection of polarities in an infinite loop, as its shape suggests. It is the final rune and can represent the reward of a new beginning or a new level of spiritual awakening.

But what does this rune mean for you?

Each of us has a lesson to learn on this journey through life. Let’s see how  Dagaz can help if it’s your birth rune.

If you’re a late Gemini:

You’re here to learn how to communicate and collaborate. This may mean focusing on your communication and relationships with others, or creating a more compassionate connection between the two sides of yourself.

You’re a high energy sign and you bring a lot of energy to others, but Dagaz can help you focus some of your energy on your connecting your twin natures by bringing balance and connection. Gemini is sometimes accused of being two-faced, but you’re not. Dagaz lets you integrate your selves into a completely new Self. It’s a bold change that helps you maintain a more stable energy in your communication with others.

If you’re an early Cancer:

Your lesson is nurturing yourself and connection with feelings. This may seem counterintuitive; after all, these are Cancer stereotypes, right? It’s easy for you to care for others, which means it’s easy to neglect yourself. And because you’re a more empathic soul, you may have found it necessary to distance yourself from your own emotions to avoid overload.

Dagaz brings balance to your healing nature by gently but firmly directing some of it inward. This may bring a restorative stillness where you can connect with your feelings. You may find that this rune helps you synthesize your abilities to become a channel for healing, both for yourself and others, at less emotional cost.

Dagaz is a sign of progress and development.

The dark is behind you and a bright new cycle of balance and synergy awaits. Let the light guide you; it will give you clarity. Dagaz is the source of your protection and your awakening transformation.

If this birth rune reading resonates with you, please let me know! Like or comment here or share this post, and remember to subscribe so you don’t miss a reading!

See you soon!

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