Full Moon in Sagittarius June 5

Full Moon in Sagittarius pnThe full moon is associated with key aspects of each sign’s archetype. This makes the full moon a good time to channel the sign’s positive energy so it supports us on our journey.

Sagittarius is a traveler you love to welcome home. As a fire sign, Sagittarius carries with it the fiery energy of a passionate traveler choosing his/her next adventure by throwing a dart (or shooting an arrow) at a map!

This full moon energy encourages us to seek new sights and adventures with openness, warmth, tolerance, and the best intentions.

But this full moon comes with an eclipse, which signifies change. North America won’t get to see this eclipse, but that doesn’t mean we won’t experience it. So, consider this reading in the context of worldwide change.

I talked about how this time would come in the reading for the Full Supermoon in Libra and the Full Moon in Scorpio. We had almost two months to make changes and that time is up. Let’s venture out and see what’s changed in the world.

1. Deep down, what are we searching for?

Mannaz: mankind, humanity. This rune can reference the collective sense of all humans as well as the humanity within a person – the inner being or soul.

Working from the inside out, Mannaz relates to clarity of thought, tolerance, kindness, charity, willingness to change. It’s an understanding that we as individuals are one member of a huge human family, alone on our unique journeys but always connected to others.

By extension then, this rune symbolizes intelligence, foresight, and communication – things that help us work well and connect with others. Right now, we may be understandably focused on ourselves, but at the expense of our Selves and our sense of place in the universe, or our connection with others. We’re in a new reality that our actions (or inactions) of the past two months helped create, but this “brave new world” was collectively formed.

Freedom is a requirement for adventure and travel. It’s also a requirement for the continuation of humanity. In the last two weeks, we’ve seen incredible cases of freedom being stripped from people. Some of us have been aware of it happening for far too long, but this is news to some.

If we want to make progress on our personal journey, we need to be more mindful of how our thoughts and actions affect the freedoms of others. The Aesir are more likely to reward those who display a sense of unity, who help those who cannot help themselves.

None of us have any training or practice in dealing with this “brave new world” so it may be easy to get overwhelmed. But remember what Mr. Rogers told us about what his mother told him: “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Let them inspire you.

2. What part of life could benefit from change?

Kaunaz: a torch. This rune can also mean heat, light, enlightenment, and possibly an open wound or burn injury.

Maybe it’s no surprise to see Kaunaz appear in a fire sign’s full moon. Like Sagittarius, this rune is about warmth and enlightenment. It sheds a light on ignorance, and like the energy of Sagittarius, it suggests that positive action follows understanding.

Staying informed is always a good thing, but this rune suggests more than just taking in information. The past couple weeks have revealed some deeply-ingrained systemic failures that many people would prefer to keep hidden. We can’t allow that any more. Kaunaz is shining a spotlight on the disconnect between learning and doing.

Make no mistake: following Mannaz, Kaunaz isn’t about action in our personal lives. It’s about action on behalf of humanity. Most of us aren’t going to love this new “normal” we’re seeing. It’s not pretty. In fact, the only thing we might be able to find beautiful is nature, and we’re not going to be able to freely experience that for some time yet.

So where can we take positive action and make changes for good? Maybe you’ve been slacking about wearing a mask when you go out. Maybe you could be using your voice for someone who is oppressed. Maybe you could donate to a worthy cause. If you want to take a religious route, this is the time to ask, what would Jesus do? Or very simply, what do you know you should do, but have resisted doing in your own life, that might have a positive impact on others? Start with what you know, not just in your head but in your soul, and find a way to use that to help the planet.

3. Where should we aim next? What’s our quest?

Yr/Algiz: sedge grass; possibly pine trees or elk. Algiz signifies a safe haven, the opportunity for development, and sometimes connection with divine, restorative protection, like the Aesir or even the Valkyries.

This rune looks a bit like a hand raised in a self-protective gesture, or in a call to the divine. The path ahead is full of danger. We must be alert and aware, but as long as we are not reckless, Algiz provides a safe space where we can catch our breath.

But only briefly. While we naturally want safety as well as development, this rune doesn’t offer the security of hearth and home like Othala, or the more lasting strength and protection of Thurisaz. The safety of Algiz is enough for the need, but not enough to become complacent. It is more spiritual than physical, giving us courage in the face of fear rather than a space where there is nothing to fear.

We’re aiming for the next thing that gives us courage and restores our hope. The time for action is now but within days we’ll need this Valkyrie energy. The protection we receive depends on the course of action we choose. It may help to understand that the Valkyrie are warriors, but also peaceful teachers. In a sense, they are judge and jury of your actions. If you actions align with the divine, the Aesir, and the universe, your time with Algiz can bring safe and positive personal development.

This is the plan, fellow travelers.

Since this rune reading only relates to the full moon and it’s waning, we don’t have time for a complete itinerary.

If it’s humanity we’re searching for, then enlightened humanitarian action is what is called for. The current emotional environment and passion will fade but we need to stay focused. If we stick to the plan, we’ll end this brief adventure with a brave moment to safely rest and evaluate ourselves. With protection and guidance, we ‘ll be more prepared for the next part our our journey starting with the New Moon in Cancer.

If this reading has resonated with you or inspired you in some way, please let me know – leave me a comment and a like, or share with your friends!

See you next time!

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