New Moon in Gemini May 22

New Moon in GeminiNew moons bring some of the, shall we say, less positive traits of a sign to the front for everyone. This makes each new moon a good time for some kind of self-development or mastery.

While the positive traits of Gemini lean toward sociability, enthusiasm, and communication, the negative side of Gemini can fluctuate from scattered superficiality to self-centeredness.

Our runes for this reading will help us channel these negative forms of energy to something better, like developing a greater sense of connection with others, with ourselves, and with higher levels of energy.

As usual, we’re reading left-to-right.

Where have we been too focused on ourselves?

Wyn/Wunjo: joy. This rune signifies happiness, emotional satisfaction, or reward.

By extension, Wunjo includes a sense of peaceful harmony or success through cooperation. It governs strong bonds, family, and fellowship. By implication, it’s a shared feeling.

The point is, joy isn’t really a solitary emotion. We all battle, but when we try to do it alone for too long, the inner warrior starts to carry hate. When so many aspects of life can be negative, it’s important not to alienate ourselves. Focusing on positive connections with others who are also doing battle will ignite joy.

How has that affected the people we care about?

Yr/Algiz: sedge grass or pine woods, protection, a safe refuge. This rune is sometimes associated with the protection of the Valkyrie or our link with the divine.

When this rune is reversed, as it is in this reading, it indicates a decline rather than growth. It’s a sign we’ve lost our connection with Asgard (higher realms, the divine) and may be unprotected. Upright, Algiz suggests vision and openness but here it may mean we’ve been short-sighted and even stubborn or too complacent.

If we’re too hung up on the day-to-day, we’re not connected with higher level energies, so we can’t share these with others. Since so much Gemini energy lies in communication, this has made our interactions with others less impactful and maybe even boring or discouraging. As Wunjo indicates, we haven’t been sharing any joy. We’re not supporting the people we care about with our positive energy.

How can we be more present and authentic?

Laguz: water, lake, tide, fluidity, natural rhythms, unconsciousness

Water is the original mirror. The surface identity is the “I’ but Laguz focuses on what’s going on under the surface to discover what the reflection leaves out. These depths often represent the darker sides of ourselves that we’d rather not confront.

But as water is a source of life, so Laguz nourishes us and encourages us to dive deep; the more we do it, the easier it gets and the more our souls are refreshed. This helps us master our emotions and improves our sense of connection with the vast “ocean” of the universe.

What does this mean for us?

If you look at the first rune (Wunjo) and the last (Laguz), you’ll see they are very similar. Wunjo is the rune of love and unity among humans, while Laguz is the rune of unity with all of life. Individual will aligns with community will and ultimately with divine will. It is very interesting to me that our middle rune references a distinct lack of connection to the divine.

This highlights our focus with this new moon. By consciously putting more positive energy into our connections and interactions, we change our relationships and ourselves for the better, and restores our link to the divine and the universe.

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See you next time!

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