Full Moon in Scorpio May 7

Full moon scorpioThe full moon is associated with key aspects of each sign’s archetype. This makes the full moon a good time to channel the sign’s positive energy so it supports us on our journey. Scorpio is dramatic and powerful but focused; it’s about depth. As much as Scorpio passion may seem fiery, this is a water sign and full moons only enhance the compassion, ever-evolving, and healing aspects of this sign.

What drama is in the way? Where am I too focused?

Inguz/Inwaz: the god Ing; represents harmony, unity, peace. By extension, Inguz may also represent security and protection or spiritual inspiration.

Ing in this position suggests we may have been trying too hard to achieve positivity.

This rune suggests potential energy or seeds – think of Inguz as a verb (like that any action that can end with “ing”) instead of a noun. Our focus or activity has been too much, too scattered, or possibly too immature. We may have jumped the gun and started without a good plan, or we may have tried to force things.

Mostly likely, we’ve been tilting at windmills. Too much time on social media with content to support our mindsets? Trying to pretend life is still “normal” right now? Inguz reminds us to seek peace and harmony, and these seeds do not flourish with forced energy, only compassion.

What deserves more time in the light to grow?

Ansuz: the Aesir, especially Odin. Ansuz signifies knowledge, wisdom, communication, messages, and divine power. Ansuz also governs reason, critical thinking, and our own conscience.

Odin’s biggest gift to people came in three parts: breath first, communication second, and cognition third. This suggests three areas that we could nurture right now.

First, if we’ve been rushing or focusing too much on action, maybe we need to take this time to just breathe. Mindful breathing is part of calming, meditative practices in cultures around the world. Breath is sacred, and mastering our breathing gives us control.

Second, communication or speech is a powerful ability. Ansuz is about wise and honest use of these skills. This is a time of clarity, order, and speech aligned with the highest thoughts.

Finally, the Aesir do not suffer fools. We are smarter than manipulation, propaganda, misdirection, and hypocrisy. Time to let our critical thinking out to play.

Where can I best use my powers for good right now?

Wyn/Wunjo: joy. This rune shows us all aspects of joy, like mutual understanding, earned rewards, satisfaction, and harmony with life. It’s a social rune because joy is not often a solitary experience.

This rune is somewhat aligned with the noble eightfold path of Buddhism: it focuses on right mindfulness and effort. When aligned with others sharing the same goals, bonds strengthen, discord disappears, and joy is the only natural outcome.

Positive, harmonious energy requires depth. It’s not easy to love all humans right now, but this rune reminds us of our connection to everyone as well as the highest love. It helps us align our “right will” with the divine will. It’s not about wishing for good things, but intentionally focusing on them.

Wunjo brings healthier relationships, deeper connections, and progress, for ourselves and for the world.

We had the opportunity to make a difference.

The last full moon in Libra was about getting our houses in order, restoring (or regaining) balance, and making good choices. As individuals, we may have succeeded. Collectively, not enough people were onboard and as humanity, we failed.

This full moon gives us one last chance.

We won’t get another one. There are still about three weeks in which we can shape what “new life” will mean – and it’s important because we’ll be living with it until the winter solstice. We aren’t likely to completely make up for missing our chance last month, we might still be able to redeem ourselves and start creating positive change.

It is time to free ourselves from drama – seeking it, overexposure to it, or creating it. We need to breathe, center ourselves, and make the best use of our gifts: communication and cognition. This will allow us to focus our energy at higher levels for greater outcomes.

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See you soon!

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