Birth Rune Laguz (April 29 to May 13)

Birth rune 4 29 to 5 13 LaguzIf you were born between April 29 and May 13, happy birthday! Your birth rune is Laguz. The Norn gifted you with your birth rune to help you achieve your destiny and fulfill your purpose. (There’s also a birth hour rune that relates to your day to day life, and an ascending rune that reveals how you are perceived and how you manifest the divine.)

Laguz literally means lake, water, fluidity, or tides. Laguz usually relates to ebbs and flows, cleansing, and life force or unconsciousness.

So what does this rune mean for you?

Each of us has a lesson to learn on this journey through life. Let’s take a look at how Laguz can help if it’s your birth rune:

Taurus, in a perfect world, you’d focus your attentions on relationships, art, and all the nice things in life. In this world, you don’t often feel free to have those things in your life. Ironically, you’re here to learn to find security and persistence and enjoy/allow good things. Ironic, isn’t it?

It’s time to acknowledge that your inability to allow yourself to experience better things is the consequence of denial of the darker side of yourself. Laguz represents both water, and the unconscious. Water was the first mirror, and what better rune to reflect what you keep hidden under the surface?

Laguz is safe water. This is healing and nourishing water that can help you dredge up that darkness and wash it clean, and turn it into something better. Because whatever is down there is the source of your denial. And it bogs you down sometimes, doesn’t it? Let Laguz gently carry off that old murky stuff that has such an impact on your enjoyment of life.

You’ll feel cleansed, lighter, more secure, and more in harmony if you let this rune help. And in the process, you’ll be more able to go with the flow, so to speak. When you no longer have to hide things, you can focus more attention on the things and relationships you really want and deserve.

If this reading resonates with you, please let me know. Or share it on social media with a comment to your connections!

See you soon!

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