New Moon in Taurus April 22

New Moon in Taurus 2New moons have a way of amplifying some of the less positive traits of a sign. Everyone, regardless of when they were born, can be affected by these less effective energies to some extent. This makes the new moon a good time for self-mastery, whether it’s your sign or not.

Taurus is usually well-grounded and reliable, but even this sign has a darker side. The negative side of Taurus can include being stubbornly possessive (hoarding or materialistic), clingy or controlling in relationships, and resistant to change.

Our runes for this reading will help us channel these forms of energy to something positive, like letting go of negativity and developing tolerance and openness.

What do I need to release? What no longer serves me?

Ansuz: the Aesir, Odin, wisdom, communication, reason. REVERSED (as here): Loki, a deception, manipulation

Ansuz in the reversed position could mean we need to release our attachments to sources of unclear communication. It can also refer to things that we allow to disrupt communication or reasonable thought. And it suggests deliberate misunderstandings, manipulations of truth, bad advice, and behaviors that prevent communication or knowledge, like denial or a preference for our beliefs rather than facts.

To release means we’ve been attached. In this case, we’ve been attached ourselves to  sources who do not necessarily have our best interests at heart. These blocks and distortions, whether they’re our own doing or from others, are harmful and it’s time to dump them and their sources.

Where do I need to be more practical?

Laguz: lake, water, fluidity, tides. Laguz usually relates to ebbs and flows, natural rhythms, and sometimes life force or unconsciousness.

Water is the original mirror. The surface identity is the “I” but Laguz is about diving under the surface and explore the darker, deeper waters to discover what the reflection leaves out. This darkness is what we have the hardest time seeing about ourselves. (This sort of repeats the blocks and distortions of Ansuz – the things it’s time to let go of.) It’s our “baggage” that we don’t even want to claim. And yet sometimes we find it easy to see when it’s reflected in others.

As a source of life, Laguz nourishes. Deep diving into our souls isn’t going to hurt us, but help us. There is the story that Odin sacrificed an eye to Mimir’s Well. He lost the eye but he gained knowledge of all things past and present.

Practicality starts by getting out of our own way. We want to get things sorted and get things done, but we need to get rid of those things that bog us down, first. Laguz may be a baptism by emotional flood, but bringing garbage to the surface is a way to get it out, once and for all, so that we can become the people we (and the Aesir) always knew we could be.

How can I feel more secure?

Dagaz: sun, day, awakening. Dagaz represents an ultimate enlightment, awareness, or new beginning.

It’s one of several mirror runes, representing a duality or unity between two elements. In the center of Dagaz, we begin to see a balance of all things and new, better, more comprehensive answers to old viewpoints. This allows us to let go of old, limited beliefs.

This rune has been used as a symbol of Light (with the capital L) for over 4000 years. It is remarkably similar to the symbol for infinity. Like an hour glass tipped on its side, dagaz may also be interpreted as the precise moment of enlightenment, when even time stands still. Dagaz carries blessings of Light and is a sign that a day has begun.

As a point of interest, there is no rune for night or moon or darkness. That’s because even the ancient Vikings knew that darkness wasn’t truly darkness, just an absence of light. Our world may not be facing the sun, but we know it is there. This is the answer. We can feel secure knowing that darkness is not darkness.

How can I be more accepting?

Fehu: cattle, wealth, movable or liquid assets. Fehu can indicate various forms of wealth or abundance, from literal money or food to mental, emotional, or spiritual abundance.

This rune governs the way we choose to spend our energy. And energy, as physicists have said, is the currency of the universe. When we “pay” attention to something, we “buy” whatever it is we choose to focus on.

Fehu helps us be more accepting by encouraging us to apply greater foresight and be less greedy with our personal energy.

Different things hold different values at different times; right now, it’s time to share our personal (mental, emotional, spiritual) abundance with others who can benefit. And of course, our literal wealth if that’s possible – helping others always helps us feel better about ourselves, which in turn helps us accept others.

Two weeks ago, it was time to get real with each other. Right now, it’s time to get real with ourselves.

Time to let go of the bullshit we’ve been telling ourselves – or letting others tell us. Time to face reality…and for maybe the first time, it will be a good thing. For only the briefest of moments, the Light is shining on us, offering security and another chance. We’ll move forward by understanding where our real wealth lies and being more mindful about how we spend it.

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