Birth Rune Mannaz (April 14-28)

Birth rune April 14 to 28 MannazIf you were born between April 14 and 28, happy birthday! Your birth rune is Madr, or Mannaz. The Norn gifted you with your birth rune to help you achieve your destiny and fulfill your purpose. (There’s also a birth hour rune that relates to your day to day life, and an ascending rune that reveals how you are perceived and how you manifest the divine.)

The literal translation is “mankind” or “human”, but it refers to all of humanity as well as the self, soul, or inner being, and the human nature within each of us.

Because of these meanings, Mannaz represents the humanities, creativity, intelligence, forward thinking and planning, and like Ehwaz, the previous rune, cooperation for a common good.

So what does this rune mean for you?

Each of us has a lesson to learn on this journey through life. Let’s take a look at how Mannaz can help if it’s your birth rune:

If you’re a late Aries,

you’re all about passion and action. Your lesson is to learn how to fight for your beliefs and take useful action (For more, read this post about Aries.)

Aries, humanity is more than just a bunch of people. It’s a balanced blend of body, mind, and spirit that exists within each of us. You must work to balance your physical and emotional energy with your rational mind. Channel your energy for the good of more than just yourself, and control your impulsive reactions. Your rebellion probably has a good cause and your energy has the potential to benefit many. Take time to think about what’s going on with those around you, and how today’s scenarios could play out in the future. Plan, and then act.

If you’re an early Taurus,

you’re more focused on relationships, art, and the nice things in life. You’re here to learn to find security and persistence and enjoy/allow good things. Ironic, isn’t it? You want good and nice things, but you tend to deprive yourself of them.

Taurus, claim your destiny. You’re stubborn but Mannaz asks you to be open, be creative, and accept new experiences, especially those that require cooperation within a relationship. Rigid thinking or adherence to old ways is not sustainable. Experience brings learning, and learning brings progress. Experience can also bring unexpected gifts. It may seem odd but the more you can be open and accepting, the more secure you’ll feel within yourself. In turn, this security will free you to experience more good things.

Mannaz guides you to self-actualization.

It can help nurture your higher self. While it may lead you to some of the deepest questions of life and human consciousness, you’ll discover a wealth of knowledge along the way, if you’re open to seeing it.

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