Full (Super) Moon in Libra (April 8)

Full Moon in Libra 1This full moon is a very important one. It’s a full supermoon and the first full moon after the spring equinox, called the pink moon or egg moon. This full moon is naturally associated with rebirth, and we’ll start seeing what “new life” means starting in about 7 weeks and continuing until the winter solstice. Whether it’s a better life or not depends (obviously) on what we choose to do right now and over the coming weeks and months.

(4/5/20 EDIT please take note: the last time Pluto was crossing the degrees of Capricorn that it is now was the American Revolution. The last time Neptune crossed Pisces like it is now was when the American slavery abolitionists were getting their act together. The last time Uranus crossed Taurus like it is now was the end of the Great Depression. This is not a “normal” time by any means. This is, in multiple ways, a major turning point.)

The moon is associated with people or souls. So, we can understand a full moon as something relating to a lot of people, or even the world. This supermoon is the biggest and brightest of the year, meaning it’s going to have the biggest impact on the most people.

This means we need every ounce of foresight to decide what the smartest actions will be, not just for us, but as things ripple out over the next few months! We don’t want something that looks good now to bite us in the ass later just because we couldn’t be bothered to think it through.

The full moon is associated with key aspects of each sign’s archetype and amplifies them. This makes the full moon a good time to channel the sign’s positive energy so it supports us on our journey. Libra is associated with balance, fairness and justice, and relationships or partnerships, so these are characteristics we’re focusing on between now and the next new moon.

What is most out of balance or in conflict? Where do I feel out of alignment?

Odal/Othila: hereditary land, possession. Othila represents family, home, and inheritance.

This full moon is our chance to tilt the scales in our favor. While the full moon is in Libra, Neptune is in Pisces. This means dreams, nightmares, or illusions. In effect, what is seen cannot be trusted. Things aren’t what they seem.

Right now in the midst of a pandemic, we’re all feeling out of balance! We’re naturally worried about ourselves and our families and many of us have been struggling to preserve our home life while dealing with shortages of necessary food, products, and even money. But it’s okay to acknowledge that life can be overwhelming and sometimes we’re unprepared.

(And let’s be real. Fully preparing for a month of social distancing would require more space, more money, more planning – generally more resources than most of us have. It was an impossible expectation and we don’t need to put that weight on ourselves.)

In a reversed position as it is here, Othila means a valueless inheritance, a lack of forethought, immaturity, unpreparedness, and suggests a failure to take a calculated risk. These are all things that come from decisions or actions within the home or family. But it could also mean a major disturbance or disruption to our normal home life caused by something outside the home or family.

Othila isn’t just the family farm – our lives are very much an inheritance from our ancestors. So we start within ourselves and move outward to our friends and loved ones, and then beyond that to other people. Humanity itself is an inheritance. We are all family and we are all going to be affected by what is happening now and what happens next.

This full moon in Libra signifies people rising up in distrust of what we used to think of as fairness or justice, because we’re seeing that it’s directly and negatively impacting our homes and families. This is about us as people and humanity, not governments or demographics so think broadly for a moment and remember the Earth is our home, too, so everybody’s home has been disrupted.

What can rebalance the scales or bring alignment?

Reid/Raidho: riding, journey, transportation. wagon. Raidho signifies cycles or travel, the journey of life, or even transport of communication, like sending or receiving a message.

Everything comes in cycles. Align yourself with natural patterns to increase your awareness. Raidho represents beneficial change and progress. It may be a hard, steep road now, but things will get easier. Challenges bring equal and opposite rewards. Keep in mind that stops along the way are less important than the journey itself.

This rune advises communication. And yes, sometimes we simply need to communicate better with others, but Raido usually asks us to check in with our inner selves. We need better communication between our deepest thoughts or feelings and our actions because if they’re not aligned, we’re only making things worse.

Libra is also about relationships, remember. And we’re already seeing new kinds of supportive and positive relationships around the world, even during this crisis. There may be unholy cooperation between corporations and government, but as individuals, people are already taking steps – and must continue – to offset those negative impacts.

It is supremely important to consider that karma also has a cycle. If we’ve taken actions in the past that have hurt others or even supported actions that brought harm to them, we’ve got about two weeks to own that shit and check our alignments. Few of us are so evil that we’d burn our house just to deny aid to a neighbor. And yet here we are. Karma remembers, and she’s a bitch.

Right now, regaining our balance is about starting where we are and making good, thoughtful choices as we plan the next part of this journey. The sooner we can adjust our sails, the faster we’ll begin to make progress.

Regardless of what I want, what is the right and just thing to do?

Bjarkan/Berkano: birch twig (or tree). Berkano means growth, fertility, and re-birth or new life.

Berkano is part of Tyr’s aett, the third of the runes that focuses on people, relationships, and social life. It reminds us to sow seeds now for a future harvest, and to learn from experience so we can let go of past mistakes.

It doesn’t matter about what we as individuals want. I want to win a big lottery jackpot, but that’s going to be meaningless if we don’t restore balance.

This rune can suggest nurturing or supporting someone, and in this sense it may indicate a time for healing or a person who is a healer. A birch grove provides a safe space for healing, so Berkano showing up in this position might mean it’s time for rejuvenation, detoxification, or simply regeneration.

The right thing to do now is stop blaming ourselves, look at what changes we can make, and then make a fresh start. Yes, it may be emotional and painful and messy. Get it out and get it over with, once and for all.

Since this is a life-affirming rune, it enhances our efforts to heal and protect not only ourselves, but others we care about, even if it means going to more exceptional lengths than normal. In light of current events, this could mean getting up early to get shopping done for those who can’t get out, taking extra precautions such as masks and handwashing, and getting more comfortable with social distancing.

One more time?

The first thing is to get our own houses in order, literally and metaphorically.  This is going to require us to truly and meaningfully connect and communicate with our inner selves and with others.

The right thing to do is focus on giving humanity a fair deal. It’s time to acknowledge and heal within ourselves whatever has contributed to where we are now. Like I said, time to get our houses in order.

Finally, it’s time to take positive steps to nurture all of our relationships with loved ones and even with strangers by virtue of being human, even if we wouldn’t have in the past. We may not get another chance like this to heal the damage that’s been done by imbalance.

We are all connected; it’s time to act like it.

Thoughts? Comments? You know what to do. And please, please share, because you don’t know everyone who might benefit from this reading.

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  1. Many meaningful words and thoughts. Thank you, Adina, for the time and effort you put into this. There’s a wealth of guidance and advice. This is material to save and revisit often.

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