Birth Rune Ehwaz (March 30 – April 13)

Birth rune 4 30 to 4 13 EhwazIf you were born between March 30 and April 13, happy birthday! Your birth rune is Eoh, or Ehwaz. The Norn gifted you with your birth rune to help you achieve your destiny and fulfill your purpose. (There’s also a birth hour rune that relates to your day to day life, and an ascending rune that reveals how you are perceived and how you manifest the divine.)

The literal translation is “horse”, but it refers to momentum or forward progress.

Ehwaz represents all positive characteristics of a horse, including a journey, confidence, loyalty, strength, and the kind of symbiotic partnership you’d see between a horse and rider.

So what does this rune mean for you?

Each of us has a lesson to learn on this journey through life, and if Ehwaz is your birth rune, here’s how it will help:

As a core Aries, you’re all about passion and action, which is good because you’re on this path to learn how to fight for your beliefs and initiate useful action. Ehwaz reminds you that your cause is not yours alone, and it’s not about pride. A horse with no rider grazes aimlessly.

But Ehwaz isn’t an unbalanced, dependent relationship between a simple beast of burden and a rider who trains, cares for, and controls. Ehwaz is a duality rune like Gebo. The difference here is that this isn’t a representation of a union or transaction. Instead, it’s the harmony and back-and-forth within a symbiotic relationship. It’s a true partnership.

Ehwaz can help you build and maintain healthy communication with others by reminding you that they want to help. It’s up to you to let them. Who are these others? There’s no need to limit them. It could be a true friend, a mentor, a romantic partner, your higher Self, or the Divine. Since this is a rune of action, it suggests that working on communication within all of these kinds of relationships will be useful for you.

You can and should rely on your supporters and acknowledge their guidance or assistance if you’re going to be successful. If you ignore the people who help you on your journey, you may find yourself moving backward or getting lost. When you rein in your impulses, you’ll be able to focus more clearly on your goal.

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