New Moon in Aries

New moons begin astrological signs, but they can bring some of the less-positive traits of a sign forward for everyone. This makes the new moon a good time for growth, increased awareness, and personal mastery. This reading is for the new moon in Aries.

Aries people are known for their energy! But the darker, and sometimes more negative side of Aries can be impulsive, domineering, and short-tempered. Our runes for this reading will help us channel these forms of energy to something positive.

Where have we been too impulsive?

Sol (Sowulo): sun. Also wholeness, light, energy, victory, discovery or disclosure.

Sol is often used as a victory sign but its energy can be turned to attack. Maybe we’ve been making too many false starts, expecting too much growth too quickly, or impulsively jumping to conclusions. Impatience nearly always slows our progress. We need to control and plan our movement, considering the darker sides of our nature. Through Sol, we may discover a bigger, more complete picture that allows us to make more progress.

Where have we been too demanding?

Hagall (Hagalaz): hail. Hagall can also refer to a storm, damaging natural forces, disruption, natural challenges or changes for long-term good. By extension, these concepts might indicate a sense of lost power, blame, or getting stuck in the past.

This rune suggests we’ve had some unrealistic expectations. Right now, the world is facing the COVID-19 challenge, but this is a personal disruption or maybe an emotional storm that’s self-created. We’re putting pressure on ourselves. If you remember from physics: pressure creates friction, and friction creates heat. Now remember, Aries is a fire sign. And without control, that impulsive Aries energy is a chaos storm. This rune is no coincidence! We need to take a beat, take a breath, and chill.

How has my temper affected others?

Ass (in Norse), also Ansuz or Aesir: a god, usually Odin. In this case, reversed, it means Loki, messenger of the gods, and agent of chaos.

We may be tempted to ignore the message because we don’t like or trust the messenger. But this impulsiveness, especially to negativity, is affecting communication with others and may be preventing us from gaining knowledge. While there is plenty of fake information out there, we need to fact-check. We may miss something that’s more important than it seems. Our negative attitude is affecting our environment. Until we gain some control, this attitude only twists our own perceptions further from reality.

How can I better handle these emotions?

Eoh (Ehwaz): horse. Also, speed, momentum, and forward progress, sure-footed, purposeful action.

Eoh implies a trust or partnership, like between a horse and rider. We have the support we need to get a grip on our thoughts and attitudes and emotions. It’s a good time to be open to guidance from others we can trust. Now, as the former rune tells us, we need to be objective and clear about information – just because we don’t like it doesn’t mean we can’t trust it. Right now, maybe some tough love will help us most! Being a little humble and acknowledging our appreciation of others will generate goodwill…and help us move ahead. A pause for a little loyalty and trust isn’t going to lead us into stagnation!

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