Spring Equinox Rune Reading (for March 19, 2020)

(Note: I drew the runes for this reading about two weeks ago, before COVID-19 had affected the entire country! I considered a new draw and reading but intuition told me to stick with the original. Tell me how well you think it still applies!)

Spring! New beginnings, new possibilities? Yes, definitely…but it looks like this year will be a little different. Seasonal readings tend to follow a logical sequence of questions: What are we taking into the new season? What needs to remain in the past? What challenge does the new season present? What will help us? And – what everyone always wants to know – how could things turn out? These are the questions this reading will answer. (For this image, we’re reading clockwise starting from “M” at the middle right.)

TL;DR: There’s strength in numbers. We need to cooperate and give credit where it’s due this spring, and leave behind wild impulses or poorly-controlled emotions. We’re going to have to tread carefully and a hot head leads to thin ice. Resilience and personal growth can bring cool control – and that’s what we need to cross the ice safely, because by the end of spring, we’ll have to make some tough decisions – and maybe more ahead. 

1. What are we bringing into spring?

Eoh (or Ehwaz) means horse, cooperation, or speed. It represents progress and stability.

Ehwaz is flexibility or compromise for the sake of a partnership. When we’re authentic, we’re more likely to get cooperation. This means we can be proud of our past accomplishments as long as we’re humble enough to recognize those who help us. Those people deserve our loyalty; in return, we will have the support we need to make progress toward summer. 

2. What should be left behind?

Ur (Uruz) means the ancient aurochs (cattle), strength (sometimes virility or fertility), or manifestation. 

 Uruz could represent healthy independence and personal boundaries, but these are not things we need to leave! The aurochs were wild before being domesticated. In this sense, Uruz represents leaving our wild or poorly-controlled aspects behind. While authenticity is a good thing, so is being able to work and interact effectively with others. Winter needed us to be strong enough to go our own way, but that time has passed. 

3. What challenge do we face?

Isa translates to ice. It means a stillness or freeze. 

Isa is all about control. Like ice, if it’s thin, it’s dangerous. When ice is clear we can easily see cracks where danger lies. Isa offers clarity and can also warn us of treachery. It’s not a time of action, but a time to take stock and look around. We must look at where the cracks are – parts of life that involve heat, like anger, irritation, or even passion. The challenge is to cool those emotions for a while, or be prepared for the thinning of the ice that their heat can create. The good news is, where there are no cracks, the ice is more solid. It may be slow going but Isa can also serve as a bridge. If we take time to process and gain emotional control, we can focus on productive action rather than emotional reaction.

4. How can we overcome this challenge?

Eihwaz translates to yew tree. Often it represents Yggdrasil (the tree of life), endurance, and protection.

The yew tree is an evergreen with the longest life span in Europe…and it’s lethal. This rune is like the death card in Tarot. It calls for transformation, an end due to change and the possibility of new life. It does not promise a new beginning – that’s on us. But if we choose to accept it, the protection and resilience and growth Eihwaz offers will help us keep cool heads.

5. What is the likely end-of-Spring outcome?

Nauthiz means need or necessity. It resembles two sticks being rubbed together to make a fire, or two fingers crossed for luck. 

Often, Nauthiz suggests desperation or conflicting needs, and this makes it seem like a bad luck rune. But Nauthiz gives us what we need when there’s little choice. It’s hard choosing the lesser of two evils because we have to deal with the darker sides of ourselves. That’s when we benefit from this rune most! At the end of spring, we’ll have better experience juggling priorities and making unpleasant choices. If this rune is also a sneak-peak of what comes after spring (yes, summer, but also autumn, and presidential elections?) then this experience will definitely be helpful!

This isn’t as gloom and doom as it seems. There are always challenges. What we face this spring simply calls on us to work together to overcome them. When we acknowledge our need of others, and gain control of those aspects and emotions that threaten cooperation, we’re able to be flexible for the sake of a partnership. This new wisdom and control represents our spring transformation or renewal! And just in time, because we’ll need this new experience very soon. 

If this reading resonates with you, please let me know. Or share it on social media with a comment to your connections!  See you soon!

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