Birth Rune Berkano (March 14 -29)

Birth rune 3 14 to 29 BerkanoIf you were born between March 14 and March 29, Happy Birthday!

Your birth rune is Bjarkan (sometimes seen as Berkano).

The Norn gifted you with your birth rune to help you achieve your destiny and fulfill your purpose.

(There’s also a birth hour rune that relates to your day to day life, and an ascending rune that reveals how you are perceived and how you manifest the divine.)

The literal translation is “birch twig”, but it refers to growth, fertility, birth or rebirth.

Physically, these meanings could be applied to physical growth, maybe increased business or income, or signify the start of something new, like a career change or a pregnancy.

After the last major ice age, birch trees were the first to grow. In Europe, birch forests were sometimes considered sacred sanctuaries for healing.

In a deeper sense, Bjarkan can also refer to renewal, regeneration and healing, purification, and personal new starts.

This is the key to how you can use it to help you achieve your destiny. Each of us has a lesson to learn on this journey through life, and if this is your birth rune, here’s how it will help:

Pisces: Your ruling planet is Neptune, which is responsible for dreams, intuition, and imagination. Your journey is about learning to awaken and channel that intuition and compassion for the greater good. Bjarkan is here to help by reminding you to sow seeds. It’s not harvest time yet. Let your compassion motivate you, not any reward. Put the past behind you and indulge yourself with a spiritual renewal to give some fresh energy to your intuition.

Aries:  Aries is all about action and passion, which is good because you’re on this path to learn how to fight for your beliefs and initiate useful action. Bjarkan can help you find learn from your experience and clear out old ideas and misconceptions so you can channel your energy and be proactive on your path.

If Bjarkan is your birth rune, it will protect you when daily life gets to be too much. When you need a break, or need a major change, it can also help you detox and heal from old, dysfunctional thought or behavior patterns. Like the birch forests of ancient times, it provides you with a sacred space in which to grow, until you’re ready to renew your your journey.

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