Friday the 13th Rune Reading

Friday the 13th black blueHow do you feel about Friday the 13th?

It’s had an “unlucky” reputation for hundreds of years, but are you superstitious? Or maybe “a little stitious”? (Still one of the best Michael Scott lines!)

Friday the 13th has always been a good day for me, but not everyone shares that perception! So I thought it would be fun to do a little rune reading.

I chose four runes, since four is also considered an unlucky number (in Japan, but still). And because the lack of luck is a negative, the runes are going counter-clockwise (from the top). So without further ado, here’s how it worked out:

1. What assumptions are we making that aren’t true?

Hagall (Hagalaz) means hail, storm, damaging natural forces/illness/injury, or disruption.

There are a few things that might lead us to these types of assumptions. Right now in 2020, it’s hard to find accurate information about COVID-19, for example. But on the heels of the 800 days of January, we might be making assumptions about other areas of life we perceive to be major challenges or disruptions. But this rune reminds us that while hail can do damage, you can also hold a hailstone and melt it to water – nothing to be feared.

2. What do we need to do or see differently?

Inguz (Inwaz) is the rune of the god Ing, representing harmony, unity, secure hearth and home, and protection.

This Friday the 13th might find us feeling a little isolated in some way. That’s not so bad if we just reframe it as personal time. But let’s go a step further and allow the desire for Ing’s positivity to inspire us, keep us on track and focused on our goals. It is the weekend, after all, so it makes sense to take a beat and think about what’s truly important in life, like friends and family, security, and home.

3. What could go wrong today? What should we avoid?

Yr (Algiz) means sedge grass, pine woods, protection, or refuge.

All kinds of things can go wrong, of course. And while Yr offers protection, it comes with a warning not to be reckless or complacent. So avoid that! Take extra care in all things that could go wrong due to recklessness or complacency, and that benefit from alertness and focus. The first things that come to mind are travel, finances, or contracts. But it’s probably also not a day for doing your own stunts.

4. What will bring us luck?

Fe (Fehu) is the rune here, meaning money, cattle, or abundance of valuable assets (including energy, work, skills, or materials).

So…wealth brings us luck? Doesn’t that seem classist? Okay, yeah, but Fe is the rune of Frey, the god of fertility, which is basically a form of…maybe not wealth exactly, but abundance. What will help us today is sharing something we have in abundance that costs little to give. Since we should be avoiding risks, actual material wealth isn’t what is indicated here. What will do the most good is to share our wisdom, energy, or maybe spiritual light with a few others who will willingly accept it and benefit from it.

Okay folks, now it’s your turn. Share your Friday the 13th experiences! Does this reading give you a different perspective on such a time-honored superstition?

See you soon!

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