Full Moon in Virgo

full moon virgo  Warning: NSFW

TL;DR: Get your act together! The runes say this is the week to get your emotions sorted out. It’s time to take action instead of being reactionary. Channel all concepts of honor and achievement and reflect positive, divine light to as many people and places as you can, or you might find yourself in this same spot at the next full moon.

Spring is all about new beginnings, that time when the day balances with the night, and everyone seems to be in a better mood. Since spring is just around the corner, it seemed appropriate to start this series now.

The full moon is in Virgo on March 9 (2020). What do the runes have to tell us?

1. What needs organized?

Our top rune, laguz, means water, tides, or a journey.

In this position, laguz tells us it’s time to prioritize and sort out our emotional responses. 2020 has been full of ups and downs already but we need to find better ways to handle these waves before we’re swept off course.

2. What needs to be considered or balanced?

The middle rune is pertho, which can suggest chance or fate, mystery, or a gateway.

I hate this rune because it has no precise meaning. Lots of rune folk call this one “the fuck all rune” because that’s what if often tells us. But this rune popping up right here actually makes some sense. It’s a clear reminder that our fate is in our own hands. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and take control instead of letting things just happen to us. Which, let’s face it, is kind of what happened during the 800 days in January!

3. What can we offer the world?

The bottom rune is Sol, or Sowilo, meaning the sun, action and achievement, positivity and confidence, and an ancient code of honor.

Virgo does things for others. This full moon is a time to think beyond ourselves. Sol activates our highest values, helps us turn thought to action, and it’s supremely positive. This week is a time to show the world our best selves by shining our light on darkness and ignorance, and reflecting as much divine light to others as we can. It is the ultimate time to “do the right thing”.

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