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5 Ways It Hurts When The Customer Is Always Right

Is the customer still right?

On one hand, it’s a smart move to treat your customers well. But this concepts from 1906 can and will hurt your small business if you aren’t careful! So, is it time to move on? There are ways to maintain stellar customer service, without the potential risk of this mindset.

How bad customers use this to hurt you:

There are five ways bad customers can take advantage of this model.  Watch the video (it will open in a new window) to learn how they try to do it, and more importantly, how you can stop the process!

Is The Customer Always Right-

Please take note: I’m not telling you to treat customers badly! What I recommend is that you drop this model because bad customers have hacked it – with the intent of taking advantage of you!

Once you’ve taken steps to protect your business from them, you’re better able to focus on your good customers!



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