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Top 10 Top Secret Trends

Want to get ahead of the curve?

How about advance notice of what your competitors will be working on this year? Thanks to SIOP (the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology), I have that information – and I’m passing it on to you! Not only that, but as I count down the top trends in this video, you’ll also learn how to apply them to your own small business, even if you work for yourself. Be sure to take notes!

Don’t have 13 minutes to watch? Here’s the number 10 item: more focus on health and wellness, especially stress. Work stress costs businesses over $300 billion every year. That’s not just insurance and medication costs – it’s time off and income that’s missed when stress prevents you from doing what you do! But it’s easy (and inexpensive) to address this. Start here and download the ebook.

Or maybe $100,000 would be more interesting? Yep, a .01% change led to a big increase in income for one company. Who knows what it might do for you? Maybe you should watch the video. Get all the information, find out how to use it yourself, and get ahead of the curve!

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Top Secret Trends”

  1. While I reserve the “right” to be prejudiced, I am not claiming it here. From my personal work history, I KNOW how much difference this info could have made, particularly in business expansion and in employee satisfaction and loyalty. Thanks, Adina.

    1. Oh yes! When I read the original report, at least half the items made me think of former employers. This stuff is easy to overlook in the day to day craziness that can happen, but the days of thinking it’s only about the numbers are long gone. And I wonder how many of my previous employers (who are no longer in existence) might still be if they’d chosen to do things differently.


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